Our most comprehensive report on eCommerce trends and technologies - now free and ungated! Download the full version for free and get a quick overview in our brand new infographic. 

The eCommerce Trends Report 2020 was the biggest and most popular edition of our annual state of the industry report to date. It has been downloaded and shared thousands of times by industry professionals. The engagement and feedback shared with us has been incredible.

We’re now opening the report up to the public by removing the gated access. It’s free to access and view, without limitations, for anyone who wants to find out more about the future of eCommerce:

  • 117 pages of industry insight
  • An overview of investments from previous years and their ROI
  • The choice of 40+ trends by over 200 contributors from 5 continents
  • An in-depth analysis of the 12 key trends
  • Insight and opinion from 20 eCommerce experts

One of the key takeaways from the report is how the changes to the world due to the COVID-19 crisis have not rendered the results irrelevant. In fact, there is a great global shift towards building more robust, crisis-proof online platforms and the key trends identified in the report are still the factors that will determine the success of any e-store in the future. The insight is more important than ever before.

eCommerce Trends 2019. Download free report >

We’re opening up the content now because we want to operate as much as possible in the open-source ethos and share our knowledge with the world. Moreover, at a time when businesses are struggling and eCommerce may be the answer for many, we don’t want to place any obstacle between those who need insight and the valuable content we have to offer that may help companies survive or gain a competitive advantage.

Whether you are building a platform from scratch and need to know how to spread your budget most effectively, or are looking to turn an existing store into a future-proof solution, feel free to download the report, sink yourself into the content, and share your thoughts with us.

To view the report in full click the link above or go to: https://divante.com/ecommerce-trends

*All data sources can be found in the full report

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Tim Clayton

Tim Clayton, Senior Copywriter, has provided content and editorial services for some of the world's leading eCommerce platforms and software agencies. Previously of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Also a hobbyist author of unambitious fiction. | LinkedIn

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