The long-awaited Shopware Community Day definitely didn’t disappoint. During the biggest gathering of this community, Shopware announced the next generation of its eCommerce platform along with its complementary PWA.

Shopware Community Day took place on May 23 and brought together around 2,500 eCommerce community members, including merchants, solution partners and developers from all over Europe, who got a chance to discover the latest technological innovations and trends, and expand their network in the Shopware world.

But before any official announcements were made, Shopware greeted all participants with a great welcome event, during which the first informal networking occurred.

? We’re warming up the @Landschaftspark for the #SCD19 with our partners and exhibitors. Less than nine hours until the big day kicks off.

— Shopware Community Day 2019 (@scd_2019) May 22, 2019

Announcement of Shopware 6!

The premiere of Shopware 6 was undoubtedly the most vital part of Shopware Community Day. This next-generation software is Shopware’s answer to the constantly evolving eCommerce environment, and the complexity of the solutions up to those changes.

“It has been incredibly exciting to introduce Shopware 6 to the community. We’ve all been working towards this. Everyone – the entire Shopware community – has given us such great feedback. That is the power of open source.” – Sebastian Hamann – Co-founder, Shopware

Shopware 6 is a platform design from scratch, distinguished by its simplicity and elasticity, tailored to all challenges posed by modern eCommerce, applying to the whole range of businesses – from small to even enterprise level.

“We want commerce to take place where people are, regardless of place, time or end device. Thanks to the API-first approach, Shopware 6 offers the necessary flexibility and technological basis to effortlessly build retail strategies across channels and devices.” – Shopware

Shopware 6 was designed in such a way as to always keep up with the times, no matter what. This sustainable solution fits the user’s needs and becomes totally flexible, while the behavior, expectations and given requirements can develop without influencing the platform’s performance.

“Using the API, you can flexibly connect individual components – e.g. the storefront/administration, or even third-party solutions like ERP, PIM or CRM – within one centralized and integrated system. Whether the smallest start-up or complex enterprise project, every retailer has the same opportunity to quickly react to market changes, create cross-channel customer experiences, and realize their growth potential.)” – Shopware

You might ask about Shopware 5… Shopware has declared its support for Shopware 5 for another five years, despite the Shopware 6 release.

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PWA for Shopware 6

The new Shopware 6 was designed according to the latest eCommerce trends. Following the mobile-first approach, Shopware 6 has been enriched with a PWA to create an even better user experience and to fit into Google’s new standard. This release also answers Shopware’s community voice, which was demanding PWA integration.

Along with its technological partner – Divante, Shopware announced integration with Vue Storefront, the leading eCommerce PWA solution. This open-source project has gathered a vivid community worldwide and garnered over 4.5k Github stars. From now on, Shopware 6 users can enjoy all the benefits of Vue Storefront, including ultra-fast speed, reliability, native-app-like functions, and offline mode. Present at SCD, Google initiated cooperation with the Vue Storefront solution on PWA best practices.

We have some cool stickers straight from @googledevs! Come by our booth at @scd_2019 #scd19 @andrey_l1nd3n , @ChrisSater thanks for the stickers! Everyone loves them!” — Patrick Friday (@PatrickFriday20) May 23, 2019

All Shopware partners were able to test out this new connector and check the performance of the progressive web apps live at the event.

Learn more about the PWA for Shopware 6 – Vue Storefront!

Reception of Shopware 6 PWA

Companies operating in Germany are aware of the fast-paced changes happening in the eCommerce world. They greeted Shopware 6 enthusiastically and so did the agencies present at the Shopware Community Day. For those willing to migrate from Shopware 5.5 to Shopware 6, Vue Storefront is an excellent step for a soft transformation.

We met with Shopware’s Enterprise Level partners to discuss how to implement a PWA for their clients during the migration process. Leading German agencies, including Netformic, Webweit, Sition and Neofonie, are ready to support it.


Along with the big announcements, Shopware Community Day was a time of sharing knowledge and experiences. Attendees could join speeches and workshops happening on 9 stages, each focusing on specific areas like technology or community.

The strongly industrial climate of The landscape park was truly inspiring and definitely emphasized the atmosphere of the whole event.

“Looking through my past experiences, I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best organized conferences – with amazing content – that I’ve ever been to. Everyone is in the Shopware ecosystem, focusing on eCommerce expertise, should take part in this event. It’s really worth it! ” – Patrick Friday, Divante

If you ever want to talk about Shopware 6, PWAs or eCommerce in general, you can always pay a visit to our office in Berlin :)

See you next year at Shopware Community Day!

Monika Wąs

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