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Oro Momentum 2016 in Las Vegas - we are excited to attend it!

Agata Młodawska's picture

We believe that thanks to the open source architecture OroCRM is one of the best CRM platforms. We developed strong partnership with Oro and now we will have a pleasure to attend Oro Momentum 2016 in Las Vegas, on April 10th. We are really excited about this event!

Oro Momentum it’s the first Oro community event that bring together over 150 business leaders and industry experts from the Oro team, solution partners, technology companies, and customers from around the world. We believe it’a good place to exchange the ideas about the latest technologies transforming the eCommerce market.

There will be a strong representation from our company – in Las Vegas you’ll have to chance to meet with Tomek Karwatka, our CEO and Asia Sieniawska, Research and Development Director.

We hope that this event will be a great opportunity to deepen our partnership with OroCRM and other companies that are connected with this technology. If you want to see us at the event directly, just drop an email to Kasia Kowalska, our Event Manager! During the even you can catch us and talk about designing and implementing CRM systems.

Currently, we are in a middle of an educational action with OroCRM. One of our UX Designer’s, Anna Sorbian has created a whitepaper – UX for CRM, that raise the issue of user experience and its importance for CRM systems. During this action there was an article created and published on OroCRM blog: 5 reasons why your CRM budget cannot ignore UX design. Happy reading!