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About Divante

Meet the people of Divante and find out about the values that drive us.

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We are a leading, global eCommerce solution partner, headquartered in Poland with more than 250 people on board. Our essential business Partners are Magento, SAP, Shopware, Pimcore, commercetools, Vue.js, Symfony, to list just a few.

We believe in Open Source. That's why we build vibrant communities of employees, contributors, clients, advisors as an ecosystem around exceptional products and services.
It enables us to deliver the expected effects of projects quickly and in an agile way, making it easier for clients to gain a competitive advantage. Our clients are present and future leaders of their industries, perceiving technology as a key ingredient to the success of their company.

Why Divante is unique

Holistic approach

It helps us to understand and achieve the business goals of our clients.

Huge implementations

Our clients are market leaders. We have deep knowledge about the scalability of eCommerce systems.


Don’t be afraid of connecting eCommerce with ERP, PIM or CRM. For us, this is a typical project.

eCommerce half-way

Build a product database and a customer database and then just connect these two databases.


We can shorten the time to market for clients who are open to using pre-built solutions.


We have knowledge of the European eCommerce market. This is especially useful for clients who are planning to go cross-border.

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Piotr Karwatka


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Marcin Łaskawski


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