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Divante Innovation Lab

DVNT, the Divante Innovation Lab, is where we bring our passion for experimentation and development together to deliver brave concepts and world-winning solutions.

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We believe that applying the technologies of tomorrow in eCommerce is the way to move your online sales forward. From ideation to product release, we’ve mastered the design and development processes to build the technologies that others are not yet ready to touch.  

What is DVNT?

 DVNT is the laboratory of innovations powered by Divante’s most creative, skilled, and bold eCommerce experts. It’s the environment for the discovery, design, and development of breakthrough eCommerce products. It is based on the experiences and values developed in Divante during the creation of our own products and solutions for global leaders, like Bosch, SAP or Staples. 

DVNT connects bold ideas with experienced teams to deliver groundbreaking solutions for early adopters.

Let’s innovate together

The lastest product and services concepts by DVNT

Sales Meeting Hub

Meet your clients on-line and sell via video meeting

Pharmacy of the Future

Customer-centered online pharmacy concept


Augmented Reality module for PIM systems


AI-powered call center assistant


Crypto wallet for Emirates Airlines


AI-powered mobile app for LIDL


Visual search concept for Pull&Bear

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Our approach to innovations:

Following the Pareto principle, we focus on solving 80% of the main problems using only 20% of the workload. With this approach, we can iterate faster and focus on what is really neccassary:

Building products and solutions with DVNT

Ready for what comes next? Our Innovation Lab is designed to provide the best environment for discovery, design, and development of breakthrough eCommerce products. We work in the SNAP methodology.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1


    Kick-off meeting



  • 2


    Lightning decision jam


    Drafting a final idea

  • 3


    Visualizing ideas

    Quick prototyping

  • 4


    Testing prototypes

    Feedback sessions

    Making a decision

Who will deliver your innovation?

Trending technologies in the scope of DVNT team

Tell us about cutting-edge technologies that you need. Contact us

Born in the DVNT:

Vue Storefront

Headless PWA for eCommerce

Open Loyalty

Innovative loyalty platform


PWA solution for SAP Commerce Cloud

Storefront Cloud

Mobile-first eCommerce Platform Powering PWAs

Storefront UI

The first Vue.js UI library dedicated to eCommerce


Voice eCommerce for Samsung

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We’re developing with global leaders:

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