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commercetools development services

Take your eCommerce to the next level with commercetools. Launch in weeks, not months using Vue Storefront-based frontend.

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We’re proud to partner with commercetools to deliver headless frontend technology




Launch commercetools in weeks, not months


Vue Storefront enables the launch of an enterprise-class commerce store faster than ever.

The Vue Storefront team has created a native integration with commercetools, making it a shortcut to launch an outstanding, PWA frontend with a short time to market. With Vue Storefront Cloud providing a lot of integrations out of the box to commercetools, it cuts the building of a PoC to around 2 weeks and takes you to the MVP in under 2 months.


The PWA frontend comes with an advanced design system and UI components that are ready to use, making frontend customization blazing fast. There are also no limits on further third-party integrations and the creation of new components, which makes the solution extremely flexible.


Vue Storefront is now accesible on commercetools marketplace.

Award-winning, API-first headless commerce

commercetools, the next-generation commerce software company, has been named a “Leader” in B2C commerce in The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q2 2020 report. 

  • Entirely cloud-hosted. Get access to the platform without worrying about any infrastructure-related issues.
  • Quality APIs. Quality and speed of the APIs with no limits when it comes to the customization possibilities.
  • Version-less. Continually enhanced APIs that doesn't break backwards compatibility. No upgrades - ever!
  • Modularity. When something does not meet expectations you don't need to do a full migration again.

"Commercetools are doing an outstanding job of focusing on a eCommerce backend and an API-first approach. Vue Storefront is great at giving developers a framework on which they can build amazing frontend experiences. What connects us is the awareness that headless is the future of eCommerce. By joining forces, we are giving merchants the opportunity to quickly adapt to the new era of eCommerce, that is future-proof."

Patrick Friday, CEO & co-founder of Vue Storefront

Engagement across all digital touchpoints

All frontends and applications, scale without limits and benefit from the fastest time to market for your business requirements. No proprietary skills needed. As a cloud-native solution with a flexible API at its core, you benefit from the lowest TCO in the industry.

Not sure if commercetools is the right fit for your business?

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Commercetools benefits

Freedom to experiment

Building an Alexa skill or a fast and shiny Progressive Web App (PWA)?You can experiment without the risk to jeopardize the whole ecosystem.

Speed and Agility

Development becomes much more efficient because teams can work in parallel. Due to its decoupled nature, changes can be made to the UI, without having to test all the core logic in the backend.


Typically, frontend and backend can be individually scaled. Even if the frontend receives a lot of traffic, this does not affect the backend as such, because they are only loosely coupled.

Easily add new touchpoints

In a headless scenario, multiple frontends connect to one API and one underlying system. In other words, if you want to add new touchpoints, you do not have to worry about maintaining a software “zoo.”

Why to develop commercetools with Divante?

There are other strong reasons to work on your eCommerce platform development project with the Divante team.

Case studies

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Complementary products and services

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Microservices Architecture

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