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Headless architecture and microservices in eCommerce platforms

An Interview with Kelly Goetsch, CPO of commercetools.


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What's inside

Together with Piotr Karwatka (CTO at Divante) and our special guest Kelly Goetsch (CPO at commercetools) we looked into the most common eCommerce business problems and tried to find the best solutions to fix them.

This massive shift is caused by unusual changes in the technology landscape. We have access to better, faster, and more agile solutions. On the other hand, many well-known business challenges remain the same. Many technical teams struggle with out-dated, legacy technologies and don’t know where to begin their process of change.

Microservices - how did it all start?

How to migrate towards headless architecture?

Why commercetools?

Frontend options for headless eCommerce platforms

Microservices team structure

Re-platforming within microservices

How to design API-first architecture: commercetools and Vue Storefront

The rise of GraphQL

Read the full conversation between Piotr Karwatka and Kelly Goetsch

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