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eCommerce Trends Report 2021

The 8th annual report by Divante Technology Company. Over 30 leading voices in the eCommerce community analyze the present moment and look forward to the year ahead. Over 80 pages of stats, opinions, and rock-solid insights on the eCommerce trends for 2021.

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2020 has been a unique year, and 2021 is another step into the unknown. The only thing we can say for certain is that the age of eCommerce has truly arrived. As the relevance of statistics changes with the dynamic global situation, this year’s eCommerce Trends Report takes a fresh approach in uncertain times. We’ve pulled together leading voices from around the industry to share their thoughts on the trends of today and tomorrow.


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“When all else failed, eCommerce was there. The events of 2020 could not have been foreseen but they accelerated change and it is clear that the tipping point has now been reached. Those last people who held out against online shopping have been onboarded and most have stayed after seeing the benefits.” 

Tomasz Karwatka, CEO and Co-founder, Divante



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“Take a good, hard look at the strategic challenges you’ve uncovered in your business model
and your operating model this year—and treat them as the opportunities they are. New eCommerce leaders are being made now.”

Tzipi Avioz, EVP Customer Success, Mirakl

“Make sure that you are up to the technological challenges of the coming years and that you can easily and uncomplicatedly serve many different sales channels without operating too far out of your core competence. Focus strongly on projects and improvements that you can clearly control and measure.”

Stefan Hamann, CEO, Shopware

“It’s crucial to make your store available in all the places your customers are already spending their time, so choose a platform that integrates to social commerce and marketplaces to capture as much business as possible. Go live when your new site is better than your existing site, not when it’s perfect.”

Jim Herbert, VP & GM Europe, BigCommerce

“Speed and time-to-market matter more than ever. CVPs (Corona viable products) are the new MVPs. Composable enterprises are requesting packaged business capabilities in the cloud. Leverage those as efficiently as possible.”

Boris Lokschin, Co-founder and CEO, Spryker Systems

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