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ENERGA: From 1% to 50% - increase in cross selling for energy industry



Energa is one of the four largest domestic energy companies and one of the leading electricity suppliers in Europe. The company is an innovator in the field of adaptation of digital trends in the energy sector. The company was the first to launch an eCommerce, and also the first to enable the purchase of energy entirely via the Internet (including mobile).



  • poor UX of the current solution

  • low conversion

  • long time to implement a new offer (3 months)

  • high load of service staff forced to contact and explain incorrectly completed applications

  • negligible percentage (less than 1%) of sales with additional services (with the highest margin)

Increase in the sale of offers along with complimentary services (from 1%) 50 %



  • analyzing the client's needs

  • designing navigation paths together with the team from Energa


During the implementation, we focused on Pimcore technology. A number of functionalities led to this choice:

Construction of forms - regarding the forms, it was about adjusting the appearance of the administration panel. Here, Pimcore works especially well - everything could be taken from the panel level. The same goes for creating roles and assigning appropriate access.


Another great thing for the forms are snippets - thanks to which we can use one HTML template and have several different versions of a given page, depending on the need.


By using the capabilities of objects, we can maneuver the next steps of different paths, change the order, replace the displayed files, add specific steps, or delete them, without writing a line of code. 



Decrease in the number of incorrectly filled forms 28 %



  • increase in the sale of attractive and extended offers for energy along with complementary services from 1% to 50%

  • decrease in the number of incorrectly filled forms by 28%

  • very fast implementation of the system (2 months !)

  • the time needed to launch the offer purchase opportunity has been shortened from 3 months to 30 minutes

  • launch of forms in the mobile version

  • UX: a completely new, remodeled shopping path consistent with the actually diagnosed intentions of users

  • project was awarded during the contest Technobusiness: Leader 2017 in the Industry 4.0 category


Extremely fast implementation 2  mo.

Download: Energa - full project case study

Technologies and solutions used in Energa project

Pimcore Development

User Experience Design

Digital & eCommerce Analytics

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