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Support NGOs during the crisis. Join Tech To The Rescue.

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In the face of the global crisis caused by COVID-19, we are looking for ways to support those most affected by the situation. We started Tech To The Rescue, a program supporting existing NGOs whose work is disrupted by the crisis, and for new NGOs which have been set up to combat current challenges. In only two weeks, we have gathered over 140 companies who voluntarily share their resources and expertise.

“There is a lot of talk about the needs of entrepreneurs but we are afraid that the global crisis will also hit social organizations. They don't have budgets for rapid digitization and are often unable to respond as efficiently as companies. We hope that the help of talented people from the IT industry will alleviate this problem a little in this difficult situation.” - Tom Karwatka, initiator of Tech To The Rescue

We believe that supporting volunteers all over the world, who are often risking their health to help others, is equally as important as supporting our clients. At Divante we are deeply rooted in the open-source culture and so we took the best practices already known to the global IT community and transferred them to cooperation with NGOs. That's how we came up with the idea of Tech To The Rescue. 

What is Tech to the Rescue?

Tech To The Rescue is a voluntary movement connecting IT companies with non-governmental organizations around the world. Through this simple but powerful platform, NGOs can find companies specializing in IT tools, solutions, and services. These companies are ready to share their resources to support activities undertaken by NGOs to stop the spread of the coronavirus, help people in quarantine, and supply resources to those in need.

So far, over 140 IT companies have joined. As well as our original target group of IT companies, we’ve had businesses step up to offer free support in the areas of marketing, security, healthcare, fundraising, and legal services.

"A million thanks to the organizers of the “Tech to the Rescue” initiative. And to Reckon company which is helping us launch an online charity shop to replace the income we have lost during the crisis, as well as a new website which will help us to find new sponsors and partners. You have helped us not only to mitigate the impact of the crisis; we’re also able to seize new opportunities in our everyday work for children and youths" - ‍Magdalena Szymańska - President of Go’n’Act Foundation

Join Divante and help

Divante is proud to be an ongoing part of Tech To The Rescue project and lead multiple activities around this initiative. We believe that by working together we can help shape and improve the world that we live in. There are many ways in which we can support NGOs fighting against the effects of coronavirus, such as moving activities online, organizing remote work, and launching online fundraising campaigns. Feel free to join Tech To The Rescue at any time and start helping others.

Learn more about Tech To The Rescue and Divante.