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Shopware 6
development services

Implement Shopware 6 with Divante, an official partner of Shopware technology and exclusive technological partner of Shopware PWA, and unlock new technological value in just a few days.

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Join the new era of eCommerce and the benefit from trending solutions loved by customers. Tap into the latest trends, like mobile commerce, Progressive Web Apps, and social selling in the blink of an eye thanks to the eCommerce platform delivered by Shopware and co-developed with Divante.

What is Shopware?

Shopware is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform, well-known for powering some of the largest online stores on the market like L’Oréal, Philips, and Euronics. Shopware 6 offers you all the features for operations performed by both B2B and B2C online companies, including: 

Inventory management  


Products management 


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Shopware’s CMS is the first full content management system integrated with PWA.

Shopware, like Divante, believes in open source technology, which is why Shopware 6 uses an MIT licence. Thanks to this, a global community of developers can easily improve, share, and distribute Shopware 6 across the globe.

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Shopware in numbers

Shopware 6 is made for creating unique shopping experiences

Shopware 6 CMS is known as a Shopping Experiences. This tool removes the barrier between content and commerce, and makes it possible for customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device.

Not sure if Shopware 6 is the right fit for your business?

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Compare Shopware 6 with other eCommerce platforms (eg. Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce) during a consultation or scoping session with Divante. Reach out to our experts:

Benefits of Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is a lean and extremely flexible product that can be easily adapted to meet your requirements. The advanced API architecture allows you to create a unique eCommerce platform in a headless approach.

API-first design

The frontend and backend of the application are independent, making upgrades quicker and allowing for the application to be deployed as a headless eCommerce.

Progressive Web Apps

Shopware 6 provides many new options to help your eCommerce business grow - one of which includes linking a Progressive Web App based on Vue Storefront.

New sales channels

Enabling merchants to use the platform as the hub for all retail operations: social media, regional websites, headless applications, POS or even Amazon and Ebay.

Simple integrations

Thanks to its API-first approach, Shopware easily integrates with your existing ecosystem of ERP, PIM, CMS, PWA or any other component.

Astonishing shopping experiences

Shopware 6 is equipped with tools dedicated for merging commerce and content due to creation of memorable and emotional product presentations.

Easy-to-use interface

Editors love Shopware’s intuitive admin panel, with easy-to-create commerce and content pages, as well as various content display options adjusted to your sales channels.

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The best quality of Progressive Web Apps in Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is known for its Progressive Web Apps module. The supreme quality is guaranteed by the Divante team who was responsible for its development.

Progressive Web Apps module at Shopware 6 was born out of the knowledge and experience that we gained while developing Vue Storefront,a leading PWA solution for eCommerce.

Divante is core partner of Vue Storefront.

Let's launch your Shopware 6 in 4 weeks

Our Shopware development team is prepared to launch an online store, in its basic form, in just a few days. We call it a Proof of Concept. You can start selling your products almost immediately, and we can work together on further customization, scaling, and optimization in an agile way.

  • 1

    WEEK 1: Discovery & POC

    Scoping session

    Default design

    Platform configuration (basic)

    Proof of Concept (basic)

  • 2

    WEEK 2: Dedicated Design UX/UI

    UX recommendations

    Style guide

    Dedicated design

  • 3

    WEEK 3-4: Customizations

    Custom platform configuration 

    Customized interface

    Quality assurance

    Custom shop launch

What exactly is in the basic Shopware 6 version?
Reach out to our experts to get the exact description. Contact us >

Custom eCommerce platform based on Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is also an excellent base on which to set up a custom eCommerce platform. Its flexible structure allows it to be easily expanded with additional features, configurations, and layouts adjusted to your brand. Many of them can be implemented in a short period of time thanks to built-in Shopware functionalities or ready-to-use official plugins. 
To ensure the uniqueness and seamless performance of the frontend in Shopware, we work on Storefront UI components. This allows us to create exceptional and yet consistent user experience.
Let’s talk to discuss possible solutions and timelines.

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Why to develop Shopware with Divante?

Apart from the significant contribution to Shopware’s PWA module, there are other strong reasons to work on your eCommerce platform development project with the Divante team.

Learn more about working on eCommerce projects with Divante. Contact us >

Case studies

See examples of other eCommerce projects delivered by Divante:


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Complementary products and services

PWA development

Storefront UI library

Microservices Architecture

Product Design

Let's talk about how we can make your business thrive

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