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Boost Your eCommerce with Magento official Partner

Implement and develop a world-class eCommerce platform in your business.

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What can we do for you

What can we do for you

Implementation & Migration

Do you think about new eCommerce platform? We conduct migrations to (and from) Magento for big brands with millions of users.

Optimization & Maintenance

Development becomes much more efficient because teams can work in parallel. Due to its decoupled nature, changes can be made to the UI, without having to test all the core logic in the backend.


Typically, frontend and backend can be individually scaled. Even if the frontend receives a lot of traffic, this does not affect the backend as such, because they are only loosely coupled.

Easily add new touchpoints

In a headless scenario, multiple frontends connect to one API and one underlying system. In other words, if you want to add new touchpoints, you do not have to worry about maintaining a software “zoo.”

Our Magento projects are some of the biggest in the Magento world. Our clients are market leaders. We’ve got more than 30 certified Magento developers. These are the main reasons you should consider developing Magento with us. 




Magento Commerce brings huge additional value and shortens the development time. 


  • Divante is a Magento contributor (B2B Module).

  • Magento Migration - we conduct huge migrations to the latest versions of Magento.

  • Since the beginning of 2016, we have worked on Magento 2 only. We have gained a great deal of experience in M2.

  • Divante is a Magento official Partner and one of the biggest Magento Agencies in Europe.

Magento Maintenance and Optimization

Optimize the cost of maintenance of your eCommerce systems

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Magento Audit

Ensure that your Magento Commerce is performing to the absolute limit of its capabilities.

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Magento Hosting

We handle scalability challenges and provide our customers with high availability clusters

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Number of transactions increased in mobile channel 483 %
Revenue growth in the mobile channel 237 %

Solar - Migration to Magento 2 for fashion brand

 The goal of this project was to increase conversion in the online channel with a focus on the mobile channel. Solar is Magento Imagine Excellence Award Finalist for The Best New Implementation of Magento 2 Store in 2017.

See Case Study of Solar

Complementary products and services

Magento Hosting

Magento Optimization and Maintenance

Magento Audit

Microservices Architecture

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