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commercetools solutions partner

We're proud to be the Premier Partner of commercetools to deliver headless technology for your eCommerce. Launch in weeks, not months, using Vue Storefront-based frontend.

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What is commercetools

commercetools is a cloud-native headless commerce platform with an API-first approach, which is suited to microservices. Modular architecture enables B2B and B2C businesses to react rapidly to dynamically changing surroundings. Build new customized solutions for customers while iterating quickly. More than 300 API endpoints are ready and available to skyrocket your eCommerce projects.

commercetools was founded in 2006 and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across industries,
from retail to manufacturing and from telecommunications to fashion.

Divante is the Premier Partner of commercetools.


Award-winning, API-first headless commerce

commercetools has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape, Forrester Wave, and Gartner Magic Quadrant.

commercetools features

Entirely cloud-hosted

Get access to the platform without worrying about any infrastructure-related issues.


Continually enhanced APIs that doesn't break backwards compatibility. No upgrades - ever!

Quality APIs

Quality and speed of the APIs with no limits when it comes to the customization possibilities.


When something does not meet expectations you don't need to do a full migration again.

commercetools – Composable Commerce, Reference Architecture

Engagement across all digital touchpoints

All frontends and applications, scale without limits and benefit from the fastest time to market for your business requirements. No proprietary skills needed. As a cloud-native solution with a flexible API at its core, you benefit from the lowest TCO in the industry.

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commercetools benefits

Freedom to experiment

Building an Alexa skill or a fast and shiny Progressive Web App (PWA)? You can experiment without the risk to jeopardize the whole ecosystem.

Speed and Agility

Development becomes much more efficient because teams can work in parallel. Due to its decoupled nature, changes can be made to the UI, without having to test all the core logic in the backend.


Typically, frontend and backend can be individually scaled. Even if the frontend receives a lot of traffic, this does not affect the backend as such, because they are only loosely coupled.

Easily add new touchpoints

In a headless scenario, multiple frontends connect to one API and one underlying system. In other words, if you want to add new touchpoints, you do not have to worry about maintaining a software “zoo.”

Benefits for your development team

The best developers have the choice of workplaces and, thus, by choosing modern, composable technology, you attract the most talented people to your team. 

Experienced developers love commercetools because it moves away from a monolithic core that is difficult to maintain. It is a stable and truly API-first system that lets tech teams build in whichever language they prefer. It offers total auto-scalability in the cloud and supports serverless builds, so developers can focus on business logic instead of setup and maintenance.

However, perhaps the most compelling feature is that the core is consistently protected, meaning that there is no need to worry modules that often have a destructive influence and destabilize the platform.

Why to develop commercetools with Divante?

"Working with commercetools as a dev is really great experience. Given that the core value is the well-structured, extensible, and self-documented GraphQL API, supported by a REST API as a base, it's definitely a great tool to build your eCommerce with. The MACH architecture means it is API first, and the headless approach is the cherry on top. Because the main focus on delivering bare data, it's easier to make your eCommerce attractive to the customers and the designer's imagination is the limit!"

Marcin Kurkiewicz
Frontend Developer at Divante

Launch commercetools in weeks, not months, with Vue Storefront

The Vue Storefront team has created a native integration with commercetools, making it a shortcut to launch an outstanding, PWA frontend with a short time to market. With Vue Storefront Cloud providing a lot of integrations out of the box to commercetools, it cuts the building of a PoC to around 2 weeks and takes you to the MVP in under 2 months.

The PWA frontend comes with an advanced design system and UI components that are ready to use, making frontend customization blazing fast. There are also no limits on further third-party integrations and the creation of new components, which makes the solution extremely flexible.

Divante is core partner of Vue Storefront.

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