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Akeneo PIM solution Partner

Manage your product information with the most advanced and intuitive PIM for eCommerce

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Organize your product information quickly and neatly. As an official Akeneo PIM Partner, Divante is offering Akeneo implementation, development, and support. Build up your omnichannel sales with an advanced yet intuitive Product Information Management system delivered by Akeneo.

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What is Akeneo PIM?

Akeneo PIM is an open-source enterprise solution designed for B2B and B2C companies that want to manage their product information and deliver consistent product experiences.

As a Product Information Management (PIM) solution, Akeneo provides a single platform to collect, manage, and enrich any product information, as well as creating and distributing product catalogs across various eCommerce channels. Akeneo makes it faster and easier to create and deliver compelling product information and build unique user experiences. 

Akeneo is the ultimate tool for whole teams—from marketers and eCommerce managers to data governance teams—to use as a single source of truth about the product information in their brand. Use it to deliver seamless and consistent experiences across all touchpoints and phases of the purchase path.

Akeneo in numbers

Companies that chose Akeneo PIM solution

Our Akeneo PIM development solutions

Delivering an Akeneo PIM solution in 5 days


Scoping Session

-> Define configuration & MVP -> Access to demo platform -> Determination of basic data for import

Definition of MVP

-> Solution recommendation -> Project scope ->  Cost and schedule

Configuration process:

-> Product attributes, families, categories, assets, channels, languages, etc.

Configuration checkpoint

-> Configuration summary -> Access to production environment

GO - No GO decision

-> Import basic data -> Going live with MVP or decision to configure more options

Benefits of Akeneo PIM development with Divante

As an official Akeneo Partner, Divante gives you total confidence that your project will be delivered on time, in budget, and covering the full scope you need to get the best possible performance in your eCommerce. By choosing Divante, you get a team of experienced developers ready to create tailor-made solutions that will take your online store to the next level.


The most popular Akeneo integrations that we cover

Akeneo and Shopware

Akeneo and Magento 2

Akeneo and Mirakl

Akeneo and Shopify

Akeneo PIM as a SaaS or your own instance?

With Akeneo PIM, you can choose whether you prefer a SaaS model or hosting data on your own instance. No matter which solution you choose, your data will be safe and fully integrated with your backend solution.

Akeneo PIM editions:

What our experts say about Akeneo PIM

Product Information Management systems case studies:

Thousands of companies around the world have trusted Akeneo. But why should you choose Divante? We’ve successfully delivered PIMs to our customers and helped them in managing their eCommerce business. Read our case studies and find out how we can help you:


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Akeneo Top Features Explained

This course contains five videos covering every aspect of it, from an introduction to explaining core Akeneo features.
Take the course and become a strong Akeneo PIM user.

Learn more about the Akeneo Enterprise Edition. We cover the basics of getting started with Akeneo and look at how to navigate around the system, showing you all tabs and features.

Akeneo Features #2

How to configure products

Akeneo Features #3

How to manage attributes

Akeneo Features #4

How to manage families and variant families

Akeneo Features #5

How to import and export products

We’re developing PWA for global leaders:

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