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Transform your idea into a business with scoping workshops from Divante

Scoping Session is a service created for our clients. During the whole scoping phase, you can test your idea and start a successful IT project without taking a bigger risk.

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  Scoping sessions at Divante

It’s a service created for our clients to help them reduce the risk associated with starting an IT project. The stages of Scoping Sessions allow the client and Divante to know and prepare the project scope, plan its specific stages and define the budget and timeline. This service is not only a meeting with the client and the Divante team.
It’s a more complex process that may last from three to six weeks and consist of several phases that help us to create a proper plan and strategy that takes into account your business needs.


Why is it worth starting every business from scoping sessions?

If your goal is to create progressive web app (PWA) start a product development or IT project you are in good stage.

We recommend participation in the scoping workshops for each of our clients, as it may have a positive impact on the course nd the success of the project.

For a client, it is absolutely a must to be able to see the scope, budget, and timelines and plan accordingly. It is also important for us to be able to plan the engagement of appropriate resources on a project and make development a reasoned process. Only with quality planning can we have good control of the project and its outcomes. I’ve heard a saying, “An hour of planning saves 10 hours in development!” This is actually not true, as one hour of planning can save so much more than 10 hours in development. 

Zelimir Gusak
Ecommerce Consultant at Divante

Timeline of the Scoping Sessions

All phases of our Scoping Session service are important because, from the very beginning, you can get to know us better and see if our proposition fits your needs.

Every step is an opportunity to better understand your business goals
and adjust the solution accordingly.

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What do our clients say about Scoping Session?

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