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Medicover develops eCommerce in cooperation with Divante

Agata Młodawska's picture

MediStore is the online medical store with a comprehensive range of services and packages for patients. The service, implemented in 2015 by Medicover in cooperation with Divante from the OEX Group, has now been given a facelift.

MediStore is a medical marketplace where patients can easily find medical services in accordance with their needs. It is also an extensive knowledge base, containing detailed descriptions of services, recommendations and contraindications for individual treatments and benefits. The website has been positively received by customers who are buying more and more medical services via the Internet. Annually, revenues of the portal are growing by 100%. 

Based on its experience, Medicover has decided to expand the platform. The result of the work is a comprehensive offer, including several types of services - from visits to specialists, through tests and screening of health status, to medical subscriptions. In the new version of the portal, the full Medicover offer is available, including: dental, optical, optometric and orthopedic services, sports medicine, as well as care programs for the elderly.

In the early stages of the work, the opinions and suggestions of our patients and clients played a special role. The creation of the new MediStore service was preceded by in-depth research, based on prototypes. While creating mock-ups of the new platform, we took into account first of all the analysis of patients' needs and market requirements. Our goal was to facilitate access to the services we provide, that’s why we paid a lot of attention to the intuitiveness and functionality of the website. Thanks to the suggestions of our patients, among others, we have simplified the naming and developed the purchase process that is the most natural for the user - says Marzena Kołoszczyk, Director Mass Market Sales of Medicover.

Customers have the option of purchasing a selected service or package, booking a visit and making an online payment through MediStore. The system also has a geolocation option that facilitates the selection of the nearest branches.

MediStore also got a new layout and more convenient navigation for patients. The site is fully responsive. Divante was responsible for the design and implementation of the changes, which also worked on the development of the first version of the site. Currently, the transition between integrated service systems is unnoticeable to recipients.
From the very beginning, the project implemented for Medicover was a big challenge for us. Implementation of the online sales of medical services was associated with the necessity of an innovative approach and meeting all legal requirements. We are pleased with the progress made together with the Medicover team, all the more so since the effects of our several years of cooperation have resulted in a linear increase in online sales - says Maciej Borkowicz, Project Manager at Divante.

MediStore is integrated with the Medicover internal IT system. Portal administrators have the option to automatically manage prices and beneficiaries of MediStore. A multi-disciplinary team, including a  team of analysts, User Experience specialists and Divante programmers, was involved in the implementation of the project. Divante is currently implementing further improvements to the site, aimed at the optimization of conversions, shopping paths and shortening the number of steps to arrange a visit.