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home&you - success-fee model

Agata Młodawska's picture

home&you - success-fee model that works

Divante starts off with a new project to generate sales in the e-store for home&you, one of the leaders on the Polish interior decorating market.

The online store opened a couple of months ago and has already become very popular. It sells items from the newest collection, as well as products on sale. The online prices and promotions correspond with those in stationary stores.

Divante is now beginning to employ a wide array of mechanisms to induce sales in the store, including search engine marketing, RTB advertising, partnerships and e-mail marketing to external contact lists. The goal is to attract high-quality traffic which will directly boost sales effects.

We are happy to start cooperation with Divante. Because of their experience, we believe that our offer can attract new customers to home@you. - Jarek Ruciński, e-Commerce Director, Lpp Tex S.A

The project is being realized in the success-fee model, which means that Divante’s earnings are based directly on the sales generated for the store.

Home&you has joined the crowd of several dozen of Divante’s clients, also served in the success-fee model.