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Divante works on User Experience of the internal system for BZ WBK

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BZ WBK  bank has joined the group of clients of Divante, a company specializing in e-business solutions. Within the cooperation, Divante participates in the creation of one of the bank’s internal systems, supporting staff in carrying out their tasks. The company is responsible for designing User Experience, developing graphics as well as HTML and CSS coding.

The project begun – according to the UX model of work, used by Divante – with studying user needs, identifying expectations of the target audience of the new system. Based on the collected data, Divante established information architecture and navigation within the system, improving its intuitiveness and ease of use. The next step was designing functionality and visualizing processes agreed with the bank, according to the business requirements of BZ WBK bank and the needs of users.

Design and graphics work is carried out in an RWD model that allows using the tool on different types of devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) in accordance with the bank’s strategy and work model of its employees. Divante also conducted usability testing, ensuring maintaining the relevance of the project and its consistency with the needs of users. The company is also responsible for static HTML and CSS layer of the system.

We want to create a user-friendly tool optimally adapted to the needs of our organization. Divante has extensive expertise in the field of User Experience, which is crucial for the success of our project – said Jakub Traczuk of BZ WBK bank.

Measures taken by Divante will increase the usefulness of the system of BZ WBK and improve the work of its users – both private and business client advisors, as well as employees working in the Telephone Banking Center.

The aim of our work is to design a tool facilitating the implementation of daily tasks by employees of BZ WBK. Therefore, we applied User Centered Design approach in the cooperation with the Bank, taking into account the perspective of end users in the created system and ensuring the highest quality of the project – said Marcin Pasternak, Business Development Director in Divante.

The works is carried out in SCRUM model, in close cooperation between Divante and BZ WBKteams. The project is created iteratively, taking into account precise business requirements and user needs.

Divante has one of the largest User Experience departments in the country, which carries out projects for clients in Poland and Europe. Its specialists conduct quantitative and qualitative research, prototyping and support during the implementation process.