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Divante works for Golden Sales

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One of the biggest purchasing clubs in Europe choose Divante

Divante of OEX Group, specializing in e-commerce innovative solutions has took over technical service and maintenance of Golden Sales - one of the biggest purchasing clubs in Europe. Cooperation covers continuity of client’s platform, software development and project management.

Contract implementation started from transferring dedicated application from .NET technology into Magento. Process involved specialists from 2 other companies: ORBA and BI Architects. The key element of site migration was timeline, basic version was completed within 4 weeks. New engine was implemented without changing the user interface. Additionally websites in Bulgarian and Romanian were launched as well.

The Romanian website of Golden Sales

Issues related to efficiency were a major challenge, as for Golden Sales must handle large viewing spikes. For this purpose we used original system architecture, which is based on the use of database replication, cache Redis system, proxy Vanish system, load balancing and distributed files system. Thanks to this architecture horizontal application scalability with increasing traffic is possible. In addition, a solution of high 2N model performance was achieved, which means there will be no single points of failure on any of the system layers.

"For Golden Sales project we used our experience of working at sites with high ratings. We had a pleasure to work with top Magento experts and we developed this architecture with them"– says Paweł Szreder, Hosting Director at Divante of OEX Group.

"As a part of our collaboration with Golden Sales, Divante provides SLA realized in 24/7 mode with the special Group called Divante S.W.A.T. This is a unique service on the market. The aim of it is to guarantee the continuity of the functioning of e-business applications also created out of Divante. Time of response to a potential problems with the service operation is less than 30 minutes. This allows you to ensure the stability of operation, also in the case of an application created by multiple providers, as it is with Golden Sales platform" – says Paweł Szreder.

Golden Sales is a web service offering clothes and accessories of the world's best known brands and designers in special prices. Purchasing is made within several days of sell-out, which registered users are informed through the newsletter. Golden Sales will offer such brands as Calvin Klein, Armani, Versace, Diesel, Gucci, Guess, Adidas and many more.

OEX - Group additional information

OEX Group is the largest Polish provider of modern business services, employing 10 000 employees and implementing more than 2,500 projects per year. Specializes in the sales and marketing support area and back-office service, offering solutions in fields of:

• e- business • specialized logistics • visual identification • purchasing processes service • sales support • back office and documents management • contact center

OEX Group’s strategic objective is to build strong, stable company, that offers comprehensive business services and successfully competing with the largest international suppliers of such solutions. The way to achieve this goal is sustainable offer development and its sales channels, as well as building new areas of competence by acquisitions.

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