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Divante works for the American chain of restaurant

Agata Młodawska's picture

The Divante IT company, together with the consulting company Innovatika, realized a project for the American chain of restaurants in Los Angeles.

Divante delivered software that supported the process of gathering knowledge and generating innovations. Custom software by Divante for ideas management was used – Live Blend – and BusinessWiki for knowledge management. During the project, the company was communicating with its business environment, gathering information and generating innovative ideas.

"The innovative campaign, engaging the chosen employees, partners and suppliers, brought wonderful results. In 2 weeks, we developed over 200 valuable ideas which could be used to further development of the company – says Tomasz Rudolf from Innovatika.

We launched a service which helped the company quickly gather a lot of useful information.The information came from people working in different regions of the country, who normally would have troubles to meet in order to exchange experience and inspirations. Because they have direct contact with the customers, understand them and know their needs, their ideas will be easy to implement as potential innovations" – adds Michał Semczyszyn from Divante.

This is another project co-realized by Divante and Innovatika.