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Divante: sixfold increase in gross profit after the third quarter of 2015

Tomasz Karwatka's picture

Divante, specializing in IT supporting sales, ended the third quarter of 2015 with gross profit of 0.62 million EUR. Revenue amounted to 2.9 million EUR, an increase of 81 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The dynamic growth is a result of the strategy of developing cooperation with foreign clients and services related to Marketing Technology and Big Data.

"We have the team, skills and experience that allow us to carry out ambitious projects related to Customer Experience. They are often long-term ventures, in which we work out a completely new approach and systems associated with sale." – says Tom Karwatka, Divante CEO

By the end of the third quarter, Divante has gained 15 customers outside Poland. Good financial results of the company were achieved by consistently implementing cooperation and settlement with clients in the time and material model. In January 2016, Divante opened its first foreign branch in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The new office will help support the existing clients on this market, but also allow for better communication and acquiring new contracts.

In 2015, the company significantly expanded its competence. Divante’s offer was expanded by implementation of CRM and PIM systems. The Wroclaw’s company is now a partner of SAP, OroCRM, PimCore and has obtained Magento 2.0 certification.

"We have over 7 years of experience in creating software supporting sales processes. We provide help in connecting online and offline sales, which has been already successfully carried out by many companies in Poland. Nowadays, the challenge on the market are so-called omnichannel gaps – places where companies cannot serve the customer consistently. Therefore, we have established an R&D department dedicated to the work in this area" – adds Tom Karwatka.

In addition to establishing the R&D department, Divante has expanded its competences associated with Big Data and Media Technology. The combination of these areas with the existing strengths of the company – User Experience and e-commerce – will allow implementing advanced and dedicated marketing systems for omnichannel.

Recently Divante has realized its first Big Data and CRM projects for financial, retail and utilities industries. In 2015, the company implemented a new website of the Wroclaw Mint and the new version of, which was awarded by Ekomers award. Divante designed and implemented a sales platform for Medicover, as well as a module enabling the use of innovative ZenCard system in e-commerce stores built in Magento technology.

The completed projects and Divante team were awarded with prestigious prizes, including a Forbes’ Diamond. In 2015 Divante was listed in TOP3 best companies implementing Magento technology, prepared by

"In 2016 we plan to further develop our offer and create a coherent technological architecture for companies operating in the omnichannel model. We want our offer to be in line with the latest global trends, in order to successfully build the Divante brand abroad, which allows achieving better margins"  – summarizes Tom Karwatka.