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Divante implements eCommerce for from PCC Rokita

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A new eShop is one of the first European implementations of Magento 2 for the chemical industry. is a B2B2C eCommerce platform using mechanisms specific for affiliate programs. The purchasing platform, which is paving the path for eCommerce in the industry, offers a wide range of products in the area of raw chemical materials, professional household chemicals, industrial chemicals and building products.

In this project, Divante was responsible for service migration from Drupal to Magento 2 as well as extending the list of features. The implementation process started with a pre-implementation analysis of elements connected to products, target, offers, and promotions as well as the affiliate program. Divante also conducted the complex testing of the service.

A huge challenge connected with was the specificity of the chemical industry and the regulations related to the characteristics of products. Chemicals need to be categorized properly because some are unable to be sold to individuals outside businesses. Additionally, for safety reasons, the transportation requirements of such products are regulated by law. The new shop was equipped with the functionalities which cover the requirements of the chemical industry.

The product view in the new service was enriched with special labels connected to the specificity of the item. This way, the users can easily find out whether the product is available for individual buyers or whether there is a regulation tied to product transportation.

The service is equipped with an advanced algorithm choosing the method of transportationthat is simultaneously the most convenient and safe.

Implementation of an eCommerce project in such a demanding industry is a big challenge, especially where such high standards safety come into play during shipping. Thanks to the close cooperation with, we were able to create mechanisms which meet legal requirements and are useful to clients. The next stage of service development with additional integration and extending the possibilities of personalization is going to be even more interesting – says Divante Project Manager, Wojciech Gajewski.

There is another element of the service which deserves special attention – it’s the client’s panel with a commission counting feature. Thanks to this feature, the brand can be based on a system of recommendations. is an innovative project through which the PCC Group established their online presence. Launching the eCommerce platform might seem trivial but adjusting to this new reality can prove difficult for a company with 50 year history. The lack of internet presence is not the only differentiating factor for The company also has an open and elastic approach to client needs, cares about details and delivers the highest quality service. The implementation of a service based on the latest technology is proof that we deliver the best quality service to our clients, suppliers and business partners – says Mariola Cisowska, President of the Management Board of is the ensuing Magento 2 implementation for Divante. Previously, the company made a website for the fashion brand, Solar.