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Divante co-responsible for success: +46% increase in sales

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After 10 months of cooperation with Divante, the website improved significantly its business results.

The cooperation between Divante and Odlo started in January of 2016 from a code review and UX audit. Following the recommendations, Odlo decided on changes necessary to optimize the website. Through the proper configuration of server services, Divante managed to decrease the average time of website unavailability and reduce system server errors.

During the day-to-day cooperation, Divante has also improved several areas of the user interface. All graphic files have been optimized for faster page load, a responsive layout of the home page and search results pages were also improved. Another great change was the implementation of a new checkout module that is more transparent and adapts to mobile devices.

Together with Odlo we are aiming for providing best user experience to their clients. Until now we’ve made some vital changes within the website itself to enhance its performance and usability. However, more are yet to come – says Andrzej Muzaj, Customer Experience Department Deputy Director at Divante.

After these changes, noted 46% increase in revenue47% increase in the number of transactions and increase of 30% in overall conversion rate (including 103% higher mobile conversion rate).

The relationship between Odlo and Divante has proven to be very successful over the last year. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Divante has gotten to know our technical environment, internal workflows, goals and we have worked closely together to ensure a solid development roadmap in-line with the business needs. This has greatly improved the overall efficiency and the rate at which we have been able to develop our platform and this married with our data driven commercial strategy has in turn, produced very positive results. It’s been very intense period of growth for the business over the last year with some ambitious targets in the future and I am looking forward to continuing the success that has been built to date.) – Patrick McCabe, Head of Digital at Odlo.

The companies are working on the futher development of, including the new search engine, integration with sales aggregators and implementing a new product cart.

Present on the market for 70 years, Odlo has been a leading international sports underwear and sportswear brand, selling its products in 25 countries around the world. The company has a very strong network of stationary boutiques in countries as Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Belgium and an online shop. Now, in the era of Omnichannel, Odlo decided to put a greater focus on the online channel.