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Divante became a gold partner of Pimcore

Agata Młodawska's picture

Divante became a golden partner of one of the leading open source platforms used by over 80,000 companies worldwide.

Divante and Pimcore have been implementing projects together since 2014. In order to be named a golden partner, the OEX Group company had to demonstrate both the relevant experience in its projects and the number of developers who specialize in the technology.

Divante projects based on Pimcore platform include The system was extended with dedicated modules, e.g. integration with music portals (such as Soundcloud) and the API for downloading information from social media (in collaboration with Brand24). The company has also implemented an eCommerce website for the Swedish publishing house, widely known for publishing the Millenium saga.

Pimcore perfectly fills the content management gap in eCommerce. Companies can use this technology to create a product information management system, enrich their e-store with storytelling elements, or build an eCatalogue. At this point, we are conducting Pimcore projects for clients in Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, and even in Australia. It proves that the platform has real business value – says Tomasz Karwatka, Divante CEO.

Divante is currently working on the implementation of several new Pimcore-based projects that will soon be announced.

Pimcore is one of the leading open source platforms. It allows for integrating CMS (Content Management System), PIM (Product Information Management System), DAM (Digital Asset and eCommerce Management System).