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Get the ultimate guide for starting with Spartacus

Our 40+ page guide is an exhaustive learning plan and business perspective that will help you get to know Spartacus better and start developing storefronts for SAP Commerce Clouds.


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What's inside

Divante, as a core contributor to SAP Spartacus Storefront since 2017, has launched multiple Spartacus services. One of them is Spartacus online training.

Mateusz Ostafil, Technology Evangelist and Spartacus Trainer at Divante, has created and conducted Spartacus training for many companies and individuals. With wide experience in knowledge sharing, together with Piotr Karwatka, co-founder and advisor at Divante, we decided to create the ultimate guide for those who want to start with Spartacus.

In over 40 pages, you’ll find:

The business perspective to help you understand why Spartacus is a big deal in the market

Two different learning paths depending on your experience as a developer

A list of links to recommended sources of knowledge

An introduction to Spartacus

An introduction to the SAP Commerce ecosystem

An invitation for a introductory session with Mateusz Ostafil

The ultimate guide to getting started with Spartacus

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