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We present the ultimate guide for CTOs, based on experts' hands-on knowledge, on using modern technologies to clear the hurdles of modern eCommerce solutions.

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"A full guide with real case studies and different solutions that will bring you to the next level!"

Jonathan Ribas - CTO, Zadig & Voltaire

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Presented technologies for eCommerce

SaaS as a Core

Platforms are becoming more fragmented (SOA); connectivity and separability are becoming the driving factors in choosing the right platform.

JavaScript & PWAs

The frontend is where you provide value to users and increase conversion rates; JS is the glue that connects all the backend services with the UI. Frontend devs love it.

Headless & CMS

WYSIWYG is being replaced with JSON-based tools; the headless approach gives you two speeds a super fast frontend, and a stable and safe backend.

Static pages & JAM Stack

JAM stands for: JavaScript, API, Markup. It is the ultimate solution for performance and it is how frameworks like Nuxt.js and Gatsby.js changed our thinking.

Event-Driven Architecture

This will be an overview of Event-Driven Architecture and the Event Sourcing Design pattern; recording transactions is becoming an industry standard for business applications.

IaaS / DevOps

The solution for building infrastructure using the Agile approach. With this level of autonomy, developers are now able to quickly provision infrastructure components required by their applications.

Design systems

Component libraries that are now really easy to use, customize and extend.


GraphQL is fast replacing classic REST APIs.

The future of technology

AI, AR, and Voice assistants and many, many more...

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"An awesome read. Covers all the major parts which are significant for eCommerce and gives a nice overview about current technology trends. A must read for CTO’s and software engineers."

Majk Skoric, CTO at MDM

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The New Architecture in eCommerce was issued by Divante eCommerce Software House  | 2019