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Progressive Web Apps are changing web and app design as we know it. Inside The PWA Book designers and developers share their knowledge and experience of this modern technology to get you ready for building a fast, reliable and engaging user experience. Begin your journey...

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All about Progressive Web Apps in the mobile-first business

PWA is a game-changing technology in the world of mobile-first business. Introduced by Google, and adopted by Microsoft and Apple, Progressive Web Apps connect the best features of mobile apps and web design. We gathered all the most important aspects of the PWA standard, from technology and features to business benefits and success stories.

PWA basics

Find out what exactly a PWA is, how Google worked on this modern technology, and how global players, like Apple and Microsoft, embraced it.

PWA features

Progressive Web Apps are fast, reliable and engaging, but that’s only the start. Discover all the features of PWAs and how they connect the web and mobile worlds.

PWA architecture & technology

Learn more about the concept of headless architecture & microservices and how PWA technology fits in with these modern trends.

Business results of implementing a PWA

Discover the success stories of companies that have already implemented a PWA. You’ll also get to know whether it is better to buy a PWA or build one.

Best practices of PWA implementation

Get to know more about the PWA implementation process and its stages. Find out more about building a Proof of Concept.

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Global experts on Progressive Web Apps


Discover companies that used PWA technology to grow

  • AliExpress

    • 104%
      more new users across all browsers
    • 74%
      increase in time spent per session across all browsers
  • Lancôme

    • 17%
      increase in conversions 
    • 51%
      increase in mobile sessions

    • 4x
      higher interaction rated from add to homescreen
    • 76%
      higher conversions across browsers 
  • Forbes

    • 43%
      increase in session per user
    • 3x
      in scroll depth
  • Twitter

    • 75%
      increase in Tweets sent
    • 20%
      decrease in bounce rate
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Meet the authors

The PWA Book was written thanks to the knowledge, experience, and engagement of PWA developers, evangelists and futurists of modern technologies.

The PWA Book is an ongoing project, open to new contributors. It grows along with Progressive Web Apps. If you'd like to become an author of this book  contact us >