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Designing a Headless Frontend framework for enterprise applications

How to create a headless frontend framework that works for global eCommerce? Piotr Karwatka takes you through it, from ideation to release day and far beyond.


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How do you build an enterprise-class headless frontend framework?


Piotr Karwatka, CTO of Divante and co-creator of Vue Storefront, has worked with over 2,000 developers across the world and with Fortune 1000 companies including Marc O’Polo or SAP.


In this book, he’ll take you through the phases of building your own framework from scratch, lessons learned along the way, and some case studies that prove the facts. You’ll also find out about headless solutions, the no-code movement, and managing a global development team. It’s everything you need to know before you start your adventure with a headless framework.


Ready to find out everything about designing your own headless frontend framework?

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What's in it?

How to go from PoC to MVP and launch

You probably know the methodologies and theory behind project management. But do you know which are more effective than others in headless projects? Do you know how to prepare for the unexpected and utilize patterns that simply work best?

What is the no-code movement?

Or, more importantly, how you can benefit from it? How does it change our approach and what benefits can it bring to your project? Piotr Karwatka is a no-code evangelist who can answer all your questions about this growing trend. 

How to structure, manage, and motivate your team

Now that we are all remote, building a team that truly cooperates and brings value is both easier and harder than ever before. It's all about balance. How do you give people power and freedom but make sure they stay focused and goal-oriented?

Book overview

Meet the authors of several worldwide recognized headless frontend frameworks (and this ebook)

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