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The ultimate guide for eCommerce global expansion

Prepare for the most common challenges of taking your eCommerce global. Read a comparison of top-notch technologies, real-life success stories, and get tips on how to grow your online business.

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Ensure smooth international eCommerce expansion


The IT landscape plays a crucial role in global expansion and not making the most of available technology is why many online stores fall short of their potential for worldwide sales.


That's why we’ve prepared a comprehensive book for CTOs, CMOs, and CDOs who are facing the challenge of global eCommerce rollouts. It’s a practical guide to planning and expanding online stores using existing and emerging technologies in the market. We put together the most critical technologies, like Shopware 6, Magento 2, Spryker Commerce, commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, to make it relatively easy for you to compare and select the tools you need and set your strategy.


It deals with practical experiences because real-life success stories are of more value than vague hypotheses.

Ready to expand your eCommerce business globally?

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Key learnings

The eCommerce market is rapidly evolving, which means it's time for eCommerce brands to prepare their global expansion strategy. This ebook helps you create a strategic road map for rolling out your eCommerce.

Top technology comparison

Take a deeper look into five eCommerce solutions comparison. We analyze six major aspects that should be taken into consideration when selecting a platform for global eCommerce. It’s a simple format comparing Shopware 6, Magento 2, Spryker Commerce, commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Successful case studies

Read on how successfully launched 150 online stores, how ALDO Shoes rolled out a multi-national loyalty program for the UK, US, and Canada, and how Zadig & Voltaire built a headless e-Commerce platform which let the brand launch a new market in two weeks.

Step-by-step rollout

Learn more about preparing successful rollout, ranging from tangible steps like analyzing important areas before starting, identifying your project team, and maintaining all the details you have to consider. We’ve prepared practical, actionable checklists that you can use for the Discovery and Platform Selection phases of your own project.

Trust me, your developers don’t want to become experts in currency and tax laws. We’re trying to compare the available products based on these criteria, so you don’t have to. We’ve dug into eCommerce platforms themselves, tax software, pricing software, PIMs and frontend solutions as core building blocks of modern architecture.

Piotr Karwatka, CTO at Divante 

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The global rollout overview

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Key numbers of eCommerce expansion


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Check the successful global rollouts case studies included in the ebook

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