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View the rankings and read expert opinions on the trends that will change online sales in the future. Get a brief overview of 12 key trends here, or download the full report to view all the data gathered by Divante and Kantar:

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The eCommerce Trends 2020 report is the most comprehensive guide through emerging technologies in the world of online sales. It is based on the extensive research, run by Divante and Kantar, among over 250 eCommerce experts representing 8 countries. The report is complemented with trends rankings, implementation examples, and opinions from 20 independent experts. 

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"Insight into the Chinese market offers essential understanding, not just of the current opportunities but also as a best practice for other digitally-developing markets."

Iris Chan, Partner at DLG (Digital Luxury Group)

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Meet the eCommerce Trends report's experts

„eCommerce will change radically in the next few years and only companies that are strategically and technically prepared for these changes will be able to keep pace. The eCommerce Trends 2020 report has clearly summarized the most important initiatives and directions and provides a steep template for all eCommerce managers and CEOs to focus on the most promising topics. A must-read for those at home in eCommerce.“

Stefan Hamann, Founder & CEO of Shopware


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"Talking about trends sometimes feels like buzzword-bingo. This report, however, shows the most vital eCommerce trends in detail with relevant statistics, expert opinions and best practice examples. As a content-focussed AI company, we’re pleased to see these two topics remain top priorities in 2020."

Franz Riedl, Founder and COO at Styla