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RIGIPS: Minimizing operating costs with eCommerce on Magento 2



Rigips is a part of international group Saint-Gobain S.A., a French multinational corporation, founded in 1665. Rigips is a manufacturer of plasterboard and drywall systems (partition walls, suspended ceilings, attics) with many years of experience and has operated on the market since 1994.



The company’s primary goal was to implement an online shop to minimize operating costs.  


The main challenge was to match the eCommerce system with their existing ERP system. This was even more challenging as Rigips uses a sophisticated pricing matrix.The systems needed to match prices with clients or groups of clients, products and groups of products, dates, amounts, agreements with special prices or previous orders.


What’s more, the distinctive product implied specific transport (more than one place of delivery, bonuses, etc.).





The new website for Rigips is based on Magento 2, one of the most popular eCommerce systems.


Divante has developed 19 integrations in the scope of this project. One of the results is  a complex delivery (e.g. several tons of goods) to more than one place of delivery (based on your checkout).


The platform is equipped with many functionalities tailored to the needs of the construction industry. The expanded shopping cart, for example, will calculate a comprehensive final price based on the number of trade conditions and cost of transport.




The implementation was preceded by a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis, the aim of which was to determine the scope of the project, a detailed diagnosis of all the user functional requirements and expectations of the created system.


Based on this information, the Divante team prepared mock-ups, which will then undergo usability tests.


From the side of Divante, the project will include a team consisting of IT specialists from many different fields, including analytics, project management, User and Customer Experience, website implementation and quality control.




Download: Rigips - full project case study

Technologies and solutions used in Rigips project

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