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RASP: Multistore Mechanism in Magento

Ringier Axel Springer Polska has been on the market since 1994. Since 2010, the company has been part of the international media company Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, which also operates in Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia.

The publisher’s portfolio includes Fakt, the biggest selling newspaper in Poland, two sports dailies – the National Sport and Regional Sport Review -– Newsweek Polska, the Forbes business monthly, computer magazines (including Computer World) and automotive (Auto World, Top Gear among others). The company also has over 20 internet services, among them are information portals, sports services, lifestyles, automotive, computer and eCommerce. Many publisher titles are available on modern digital media, including tablets, cell phones and audio versions.



RASP needed a platform for selling products over the Internet, which would also allow for the creation of standalone services for each RASP editorial. The platform had to have both standard eCommerce features, such as an attractive appearance, advanced product search, status management, and order control, and also had to be convenient for mobile browsing, be equipped with unusual features such as subscriptions and collections, and have the possibility of selling products from external suppliers.




  • preparation of business concept and strategy

  • prototyping

  • graphic design

  • implementation

  • integration

  • service tests

  • maintenance and development



So far, we have implemented three stores, together with the version adapted for use on mobile devices (RWD).

The biggest challenge in this project was the complex integration of Magento with postpaid products, ERP – Perdix systems and with third party vendors.

The platform also utilizes features such as:

  • payment gateway

  • external mailing system

  • dropshipping

  • virtual shelf

  • register and log Onet-SSO

  • installment payments

  • advanced SOLR search

Download: RASP - full project case study

Technologies and solutions used in RASP project

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