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Odlo: Magento optimization and maintenance
for sports fashion brand



Odlo is a leading international premium sportswear brand offering outstanding products to people who share a passion for a sporty and active lifestyle. The brand has been a pioneer in the production of functional sports underwear and sportswear for 70 years.


The products are sold in 25 countries around the world. Odlo has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium/Holland, Austria, England, Norway and China.



The cooperation started at the end of 2015 from carrying out a code review and website transfer to Divante servers. At this point, a usability audit was conducted as the basis for further work.


One of the most important outcomes of the UX audit was that the website and back-end were not well optimized. Therefore, Odlo and Divante agreed that some changes were necessary to maintain the highest quality of the application as well as to develop new functionalities.


The main goals of the project were:

  • decreasing the average time of website unavailability

  • increasing conversion rates

  • increasing ROI

  • implementing tools for more efficient management

  • making more user-friendly

Increase in number of transactions 47 %



Divante took over hosting from the previous agency. Based on our recommendations new machines were provided. The Divante hosting team took care of database structure, security issues and synchronizing Magento with the databases within the environment. Through proper configuration of server services, we were able to solve problems of interruption in the website operation occurring repeatedly during the day.


During four months of day-to-day cooperation, Divante improved several areas of the user interface. Mobile users were our top priority. We optimized all graphic files for faster page loading, improved the responsive layout of the homepage and search result pages. We implemented a new checkout module that is more transparent and adapts to mobile devices. The changes we made and recommended resulted in higher stability and fewer errors, a better mobile user experience, and higher retention and conversion rates.

Increase in revenue 46 %



  • decreased server downtime by 73%

  • reduced server errors by 98%

  • 103% higher mobile conversion rate (mobile traffic increased by 26%)

  • 30% increase in overall conversion rate

  • 47% more transactions

  • 46% increase in revenue

  • revenue from youngest group of users has tripled

Higher mobile conversion rate 103 %


For the Swiss company, it was their third attempt at eCommerce, but the first time with a satisfactory ROI.

We’ve created a roadmap with main goals to be achieved. To mention Magento 2 migration and implementation of Enterprise level PIM and CMS. After an exhaustive review process Odlo decided on Magento.


Magento 2 migration process started. Usually, it can take up to few months to re-write all the customized parts as well as rebuilding the theme to be compliant with new standards and we’re also trying to do a redesign process along the way.

Technologies and solutions used in Odlo project

Magento Maintenance and Optimization

User Experience Design

Magento Hosting

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