So the first day of #ImagineMagento is behind us! The atmosphere at this event is truly amazing, we feel like a part of the big Magento family. There are two topics that everyone is talking about and it’s what we wanted to share with you today, hope you find it interesting!

Magento Commerce Order Management

Today, Magento officially announced their new product, which is independent of Magento eCommerce and it’s for sure one of the hottest topics of this conference.

The main idea of it is to optimize and manage orders from different places: inventory distribution centers, stores, dropship partners, etc. It’s a perfect solution for global companies with multiple fulfillment centers as it’s flexible and fast to implement. It coordinates consumer’s experience across all sales and fulfillment channels, gathering information from each and orchestrating optimal rules and processes for each individual order.

For now, Magento has already seven clients using this product and are testing it for over 18 months, so we can be sure that this system will be a piece of art. To be honest, we can’t wait to try it!

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Magento 2.0

There is no surprise that the second important topic, that everyone is talking about is Magento 2.

We found out what was the process of developing Magento 2.0 – the main point was to create super user-friendly backend interface. Magento run Design Thinking workshop with admins and eCommerce operators to discover what’s the most important for final customers. They studied usefulness and focused on the whole design process. They’ve learned that first Magento was more friendly for developers, and difficult for merchandisers. And from panels that were happening at Imagine, we can tell you that what they did worked. All retailers were confirming that Magento 2.0 is easier for them to admin and they were enjoying a highly visual experience.

There were, of course, a lot of talking about how Magento 2.0 is different from what we know, and from what we’ve noticed companies that started using 2.0 noticed:

  • higher speed, which comes together with faster website display
  • higher performance, especially when you’re using more complex products that need to be set up
  • it’s easier to add new features
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There are two days more in front of us – come back for more newest from Imagine Magento soon!

Kasia Kowalska

Event Manager at Divante eCommerce Software House

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