Divante had the pleasure to participate in Webwinkel Vakdagen 2016 (Twitter WWV16). The event coincided with the opening of our office in Rotterdam. Therefore, we felt a little bit more “at home” but still kept a fresh look. Below you can read about our observations.

The event had an unfortunate beginning for us, because as a result of a misunderstanding our booth initially had no equipment except black walls! The first day was a bit nervous for us but some of the visitors improved our mood joking from our “black box” or simply asking “what’s going on, is it some kind of a marketing trick?” :) On the second day the logos arrived and we were somewhat calmer :)

Divante team looking great against a uniform background of the booth :)

The event celebrated its 10th anniversary and undoubtedly its scale is impressive. The party for exhibitors was also amazing!

I especially enjoyed the fact that a lot of space was devoted to startups. Some of them, however, were poorly prepared for talks with visitors from outside the Netherlands. It wasn’t about language – this was always on a high level. Startups in the Netherlands didn’t always do their homework and lacked knowledge about global or even European competitors. They also usually failed to communicate their USP in a convincing way. Of course, there were some great exceptions – I’ll try to dedicate them a separate entry! The system supporting Order Management for Magento is worth mentioning immediately – a truly helpful thing.

At some point, I got the impression that every other booth is a payment company. The market is very fragmented. AfterPay impressed me the most – this model is not yet widespread in Europe and seems to be very interesting for the end customer. I know that the company plans a strong expansion and I keep my fingers crossed for it to happen.

Omnichannel was on everyone’s lips. Interestingly, even SaaS solution targeted at small vendors emphasized omnichannel. Most retailers I talked to actually plan a strong integration of channels.

I personally found interesting talking with industry associations’ representatives from Belgium (BeCommerce) and the Netherlands (Thuiswinkel.org). Both operate dynamically and can be a strong support for companies such as Divante. I learned that eCommerce in Belgium had recently accelerated sharply and is now rapidly developing.

The Dutch have always been great in international trade, so it doesn’t surprise me that many companies offered support for Cross Border eCommerce. Some of them have a well prepared offer and can actually facilitate entry into foreign markets – B2C Europe and Salesupply are a good example. These companies offer a comprehensive approach – from translation through legal issues and customer service to logistics. Our clients will certainly be interested in such solutions.

Speeches were for me the least discovered part of the event. There were a lot of them, but it was hard to find the ones in English, so it wasn‘t encouraging for foreigners. This is one of the few areas which left some room for improvement for the organizers – for instance, by adding language flag to description of presentations. We were not sure ourselves if we should present in Dutch or English. Finally, Anna Lankauf talked about Omnichannel in the language of Shakespeare.

In addition to the main event, we had the opportunity to participate in a less formal meeting of Dutchento group. Such satellite meetings are an additional incentive to participate in the event, as it increases the productivity of the whole trip.

All in all, it went great for us and we will certainly be back for the next edition! See you then!

About Divante
We are a Software House from Poland, working in the following technologies: Magento, OroCRM, PimCore, SAP Hybris, hadoop, Angular. We create IT supporting sales – particularly in the area of Omnichannel and B2B. We recently opened an office in Rotterdam. Feel free to contact us or follow us at Twitter.

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