Spring, which is the time of freshness and blossom, inspires us to renew different things in our life. If you run a business and maintain a website, you may probably want to update it, so that it follows modern trends. If you are just thinking of launching a webpage, you may wish to find out what is considered to be up-to-date. One of the most popular and successful eCommerce platforms is Magento that allows you to create an efficient online store with numerous useful features. Ready-made templates will give you a distinct understanding of what you will get when you buy a theme. There is no need to wait for your webpage to be developed. Moreover, you can experiment with the theme and choose a different background and layout options to satisfy your requirements. Here, we will look at the major trends in designing a website using different Magento themes as an example.

1. Listing and Gallery Pages

example - Listing and Gallery Pages - Shopy - fashion Magento Theme


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When people open a website for the first time, its general layout is of enormous importance, because it gives an idea what the website is devoted to. Listing and Gallery pages are one of the most effective ways of presenting various items and images because you can choose the number and the size of items to be demonstrated. As you can see in the example, a revolution slider will also assist you in creating fully responsive sliding galleries to showcase your images. Moreover, Ajax layered navigation will facilitate your clients’ navigation around the site, helping them to find different parts of the website quickly.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

example - Accelerated Mobile Pages - CofiBeans - AMP Coffee Shop Magento Theme

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As more and more people prefer using mobile devices to browse the Internet, the speed of a webpage becomes an important consideration for people to choose a website. Such feature as Accelerated Mobile Pages guarantees that mobile content will appear four times faster than regular pages, thus leading to the top of Google search results. As it can be illustrated by the example, the Back-to-the-top button will also improve the navigation and positively affect the easiness of navigation. Additionally, due to the cross-browser compatibility of the theme, you can also be certain that your website will look amazing in all browsers.

3. MegaMenu and Sticky Header

example - MegaMenu and Sticky Header - OlympicChamps - Basketball Store Magento 2 Theme


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To increase users’ engagement and to arrange numerous items of your site, MegaMenu becomes an indispensable tool. It helps to create menus of different complexity, organizing goods into logical categories and subcategories according to your needs. Furthermore, Sticky Header, which you can notice in the theme, will give people a quick access to the menu when they need to come back to it. Thus, finding any necessary items will be an enjoyable process, not a frustrating one.

4. Ajax Wishlist

example - Ajax Wishlist - Polasmos - Fashion Store Magento 2 Theme

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An important option for customers who are choosing something is the possibility to think over and opt for an item that they really like. In this case, Ajax Wishlist can be applied, as it gives your clients an opportunity to add different items to the list and return to it later to make a final choice. Also, look at the theme and pay attention to the possibility to show various product types on your webpage. In such a way, your customers will be able to see whether the product is available in other colors or sizes, for instance.

5. Sorting Options

example - sorting options - Giftior - Gifts Store Magento 2 Template

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A great variety of products is a sign of a good business, but choosing a necessary item from numerous other goods can become a challenge for customers. To facilitate the process of choosing, sorting options will be handy, as they allow shoppers to sort items by different criteria, e,g. in alphabetical order, by best-selling items, etc. Moreover, as this theme shows, you can grab your visitors’ attention with Featured Products, showcasing trendy items in different categories. There is also a possibility to shop by brand, which will attract those clients who prefer buying a certain brand.

6. Parallax and Video Background

example - parallax and video background - Cosmetta - Beauty Supply Store Magento 2 Theme

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It is hard to deny that an entertaining website appeals to people, so adding engaging elements will make your site more successful. Parallax effect, which creates the sense of full immersion, and a background video will definitely make your webpage outstanding. What is more, various theme options, an example of which you can see in this template, will meet your requirements. Choose the style and colors that you prefer, add various fonts to emphasize elements, and impress your customers at once.

7. Product Quick View and Product Labels

example - product quick view and product labels - Linen Shop Magento 2 Theme

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Information about goods in a store can be presented in numerous ways, and product quick view and labels are only some of them. Product quick view and product labels are the features that let your customers see the essential information about the product without the need to open it separately. As this theme shows, there is a possibility to add commenting system, so people will get a chance to review different items and post their opinion. Additionally, people can open the product’s page or find even more information about different items on the blog.

8. TM Ajax Search, Products Filter and Compare

example - TM Ajax Search, Products Filter and Compare - Fashion Store Magento 2 Theme

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The possibility to find a necessary item quickly is very important for shoppers, so they will definitely love using Ajax Search. It shows people search results while they are still typing in their request. Search results are narrowing when people continue typing, but if they prefer seeing broader results, there is always a possibility to remove some characters. Moreover, as this theme illustrates, your clients will be able to filter products according to their preferences. What is more, they have a chance to add various items to Ajax Compare and find out all similarities and differences between products that they want to contrast.

9. Product Badges

example - product badges - Seasonings and Herbs Store Responsive Magento 2 Theme


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To capture visitors’ attention, you can apply product badges. They indicate the status and value of the product, and their small size does not prevent your clients from using the site. In addition, as you can notice in this theme, your online store can have a special price countdown. Using this extension, you will inform people about sales and special offers, effectively showing how much time is left to use these offers.

10. Social Login and Social Sharing

example - Social Login and Social Sharing - Plumbing Tools Magento 2 Theme

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As many people do not like to get registered on the website and want to make purchases as quickly as possible, social login will allow them to connect their social account with your website and thus get a quick access to buying in your store. At the same time, social sharing will benefit your store, as more people will be reached when your customers share information about your products. Definitely, Newsletter Subscription Pop-up, which is included in the theme, will give people a chance to get emails from you in order to be the first to find out the news of your store. User registration and login forms will be preferable for people who do not like connecting their social accounts with different stores and companies.

All in all, a successful online store attracts people both with its look and with its functionality. As best-selling Magento themes have proved, there is a number of specific ways to modernize your website according to the newest trends. To catch customers’ attention, you can create galleries and lists of products. To improve the store’s efficiency, it is possible to add product badges, labels, and quick view. In order to make the search process easier, you can apply Ajax search and give your clients an opportunity to limit search results by different options, to filter products, as well as to include compare alternatives.

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