Choosing the right technology is important when building your startup and could be a challenge.

If you make wrong decision you will have problems developing & scaling your project or hiring developers with some technology skills. Using Lean Startup methodology could also help you validate your project before writing a line of code. We are preparing an interesting report about tech challenges most startups are facing.

We have interviewed CTOs of most promising startups with a global potential (plus guest Unicorn :)) about their tech challenges when building MVP and what is important when scaling your startup. They also told us about biggest tech failures and what they have learned from it. What you will also find in our report is how to attract talented developers to work in your startup and what are the features of a good technical co-founder/CTO.

If you are startup CTOs & PMs take part in Divante’s reserch about tech challenges in startups (if not share it with you tech peer). Give us about 7 minutes to share your experience. We analyze & combine it with interviews and publish as ‘Tech challenges in startups’ report.  

You can join our survey here.

Maciej Jankowski

Chief Startup Evangelist at Divante eCommerce Software House

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