Księgarnia Edukacyjna [Educational Bookstore] is the official e-commerce platform of Educational Group (stock company). The online bookstore has been on the market for 5 years, selling books and textbooks for student (varying in the educational stage), didactic materials and educational games – altogether, over 3 thousand products.

The market for Grupa Edukacyjna is characterized by strong seasonality. The products sold in the education industry are unified. The crucial factors are guaranteed delivery and high availability of the products.

Development and strategy

One of the elements of Księgarnia to be improved was the quality and comfort of shopping, via re-designing of the sales platform. Divante was the executor of user experience and graphic designing, as well as implementation and development of the Magento platform.

The next step in developing the online sales channel was to start increasing e-commerce sales and adjust to the market’s character.
Because of the upcoming sales season in the industry, Księgarnia Edukacyjna together with Divante decided to follow the strategy of quick increasing of the offer via SEM. The scope of cooperation included designing and running the efficiency campaign in Google AdWords.

Efficiency SEM campaign

The basis of the success was cooperation between Księgarnia Edukacyjna, having knowledge about the market and the products and Divante, experienced in sales campaign for e-commerce. Engaging both teams was crucial in designing the campaign and its optimal scaling.

During the campaign, the conception of the “long tail” was used, plus we employed the medium-range category of key words. By using methods of campaign scaling, we managed to quickly embrace the most important product groups. Because of the specific product names, the combinations of key words and exclusions were crucial.

Equally important was campaign cost optimization which lowered the cost per click and simultaneously increased the number of potential customers to be reached with the same budget.

Effects and testimonials

The effect of cooperation were very good results of the sales campaign. The average Google AdWords’ ROI in August, the key sales month, reached 3000% and peaked at times to 9000%. The great effects of the campaign were possible thanks to the characteristics of the market and a well-constructed “long tail.” Constant optimization lowered the cost per click by 55%.

The campaign was the first traffic source and the second income stores in the store. Conversion for Google AdWrods was 60% bigger than organic traffic conversion.

The campaigns run by Divante experts let us optimize the costs and increase the effectiveness of marketing. Together, we achieved very good sales results in our strategic period.
– Anna Darda-Oska, E-commerce Coordinator, Księgarnia Edukacyjna

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