At the end of September 2018, Pimcore core developers and global partners met in Salzburg, as every year, at Pimcore Inspire. Divante’s Pimcore Team joined the event to share the latest eCommerce-related projects based on Pimcore. Now we’re recapping the most important news.

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Pimcore Inspire is an annual event organized by Pimcore. It has become the place to exchange experiences, share ideas, award the best projects and the most engaged contributors in the Pimcore community. This year, the event gathered over 95 partners and system integrators from 17 countries.

Little Pimconauts waited for all contributors.

Pimcore’s future

Dietmar Rietsch, Pimcore’s CEO, opened the conference by sharing the most important changes to the Pimcore solution roadmap and the key elements of its future business strategy. Becoming Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” in digital commerce 2018 was one of the largest achievements for Pimcore this year and the plan for 2019 is to get to the top of the Gartners’ quadrant. What is more, we got to know new Gartner plans regarding introducing a new category in their annual reports – Digital Platform. This category would be focused on platforms that are able to cover 4 areas at once – eCommerce, CMS, PIM and DAM – which made all Pimconauts happier.

Dietmar’s presentation:

In the last year, Pimcore has invested in Pimcore Global Services. PGS enables global SLA, supports Pimcore’s partners 24/7 and, most importantly, unleashes Pimcore’s power for partners from outside the old continent, especially the U.S.

Large enterprises more and more often migrate to Pimcore. Over 25% of companies that use Pimcore for product information management (PIM) expand it towards being an eCommerce platform. The trend of an all-in-one platform solution is growing, which is confirmed by Gartner studies. Pimcore will be developed as such and will extend its range of eCommerce functionalities.

During the conference, Pimcore announced the release of Pimcore 6. The Company also presented an impressive number of changes in their solution, including 400+ improvements and 70+ new features. The most important are new DAM features (with VR/360° previews, facial recognition, focal points in images among them), extending Grid’s functions and export/import functions. Some of these, like object sorting or picture miniatures were developed by the Divante Pimcore Team. Pimcore’s roadmap includes a migration to the #Symfony PHP framework version 4, CaaS APIs, machine learning interfaces & MDM channel management.

Below, you can find some of the most interesting numbers about Pimcore for 2017:

Awards for Pimcore partners

Pimcore’s partners presented exceptional digital experiences built with Pimcore PIM, DAM and CMS with B2B and B2C implementations for Seat, Burger King, Intersport, and more. The Divante Pimcore Team presented a PIM implementation with ETIM and 8 instances connected with Apache Nifi.

Pimcore Inspire 2018 has finished with the award ceremony rewarding a top case study, partner and contributor. The judging criteria included the project’s scale, brand’s renown, innovation, and understanding of client’s needs. The ‘Case Study of the Year’ was won by the Viani project by Blackbit. The ‘Partner of the Year’ was awarded to Datasolution. Dominik Pfaffenbauer has been awarded as the top contributor to Pimcore.

Time to scale Pimcore!

The combined forces of Pimcore, Pimcore Global Services and Pimcore Partners enable the whole community to scale quickly. An offshore development center in Noida, India offers them global 24/7 support. This is a team of trained software developers ready to support any Pimcore projects. Strategic partners, like Divante having the largest number of in-house developers, can work easily, even with demanding projects around the world.

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