Every year, The Next Web organizes a conference about the future of the web. This year, the biggest tech event in the Netherlands gathered almost 20,000 attendees and 300 speakers. Our team joined it to get some impactful insights about future-oriented solutions.


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The Next Web Amsterdam – harbor scenery that connects

This year, the event took place at the Amsterdam NDSM harbor wharf. The organizers took care of 9 scenes, several workshop halls and many food courts. It’s well known that every good web conference should have a ferris wheel, and it was no different in this case.


TNW created a mobile app where you could find your favorite speakers or participants, and explore the times and locations in your personal schedule. The agenda was so tight that it was really hard to pick the best event for yourself. There was a big fear of missing out on the speeches of Guy Kawasaki (Wise Guy author), Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia) or Cassie Kozyrkov – Google’s Chief Decision Scientist.

eCommerce on TNW

The future of the web is inseparable from eCommerce. There were a bunch of events regarding eCommerce. We joined the roundtable about Progressive Web Apps in eCommerce, where we proudly represented Vue Storefront, the №1 Open Source PWA for eCommerce.


We also took part in a roundtable hosted by Humanitec about Reengineering sprints leading to the growth of the team’s efficiency. Imagine that in 5 years, 5 computer science students will be able to build a fully fledged ERP enterprise-grade in 5 weeks. How? By allowing teams to work more efficiently with microservices. We were proud to present Divante tribe structure and our approach to microservices architecture based on our success stories like Staples.

At the Expo, the title of “most impressive stand” was definitely earned by the Adobe Experience Cloud booth, where you had the chance to get a drink chosen by artificial intelligence based on your physical evidence. The AI recognised a person’s age, gender, and even emotions. At the expo area, you could also meet booths of other eCommerce giants like Oracle, SAP, Twilio or Zendesk.

See you at TNW 2020

Lessons learned: Failure is not always a bad thing, get motivated in any way you can, learn to listen, be a unicorn – not a pony. It was a great event and we can’t wait to be a part of it again, next year on June 11 & 12 in Amsterdam!


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Dawid Pawlicki

Chief Marketing Officer at Divante eCommerce Software House | LinkedIn | Twitter

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