One of our latest reports showed us that PWA will be one of the most important changes is 2018. Why? Read the article below.

Year of PWA

It’s looking like PWA will be a very hot topic in 2018. In case you missed this – PWA is a standard from Google, which allows users to install a website as an app. The user will see a website as an icon on the/their home-screen, the app can work off-line and in fullscreen mode. For users, this is just an app, but for business, this means that apps are suddenly much easier and cheaper to maintain and install. So this is a breakthrough change – especially for eCommerce, where users are not so eager to install a separate app for each webshop.

Google is pushing even harder, and it looks like PWA is just one piece of the bigger plan. Another piece of this puzzle is Payments. At this moment mobile payments generate about an 80% abandonment rate. Google is offering a Payment mechanism that is standardized and implemented in the browser – Google API Payment can make all mobile payments as smooth as just a one-click checkout.

Then another piece is Google Mobile First Index – Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content. So your PWA will be fully searchable and will be positioned better than traditional websites.

PWA is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Apple is implementing some elements of PWA (service workers) which allows any website to work off-line. So this looks like iOS users will be also able to use some PWA features soon.

Why do we love PWA so much?

We invested in PWA several months ago and we are developing – an Open Source PWA eCommerce Front-end.  We see a growing interest from retailers and other agencies. At this moment, there are 60+ contributors involved in the continuous growth.

Looks like from the business point of view the effort is worth doing. A few days ago, we have recently published our “Top 30 progressive web apps” report. We chose the best implementations, within 7 industries – Marketplaces, such as Ali Express, Travel (like Trivago), News and (you definitely know Forbes, don’t you?), etc. We have observed positive effects after implementing PWA – conversion rate growth, reduction in application weight, or an increase in the number of users. Want to find out more?  Download the report and check, what the results of implementing PWA are.

TOP 30 PWAs - Download FREE Benchmarking Study

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