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Undeniably Poland is one the biggest eCommerce players in Europe.

Together with Switzerland, Austria and Germany makes a strong team in Central Europe – the second-largest e-commerce region. But what makes Poland outstanding is not more than €6 billion worth B2C trade,  not even total GPD of €381,2 million, but the e-trade growth rate, which is 25% year-on-year.  That, with an easy math might give almost € 11 billion in two years. No wonder it’s often compared to mature markets such as Germany and Great Britain.

Poles are very into Internet.

For 38 mln population 19 mln of them have Internet access. If you try to compare it with 2010, when Poland and Slovakia had the worst possible Internet connection in Europe, 73% of e-households four years later is impressive. The rate is a bit higher with businesses (95%) and what’s not really hard to believe 70% of all Internet users go online every day.  It won’t stay like this for long. According to the Interstandard 2013 it will be 10-20% higher till 2017.
Internet and shopping quickly is becoming our favorite combination. Based on B2C E-commerce Report – Central Europe Light Version, there’s about 13 million e-shoppers in Poland with the average spend of €465 and these number are increasing every year. Surely it’s also because people are starting to trust in online credit card payments as there’s more and more credit card holders in Poland.

What’s interesting the sector that is developing very fast while being put on a site is e-FMCG. Especially food sector, that’s growing 35% every year and according to the eCommerce Poland 2013 report in a couple of years will be worth more than €107 million.

E-retailers in Poland

There’s 12 thousand Polish e-shops so far and almost 50% doesn’t have more than 1.000 products. It might not seem much but this is changing really fast. About  80% of those online shops have  less than 50.000 unique users per month and not even €300.000 revenue per year. Maybe it’s caused by teams that run them. They are still quite small, usually it’s less than 5 people (80%) with about 50 employees (3,98%).

Despite those numbers Poland has good reasons to be optimistic about the future. More than a half of population mark themselves as regular Internet users and over 30% of them are purchasing goods online. The same percentage has broadband access. The total sales through Internet (3,1%) will grow organically in the next years for sure.


Mobile commerce just began here but it’s developing fast

About 20% of traffic in e-shops is generated by mobile devices, mostly smartphones owned by 1/3 of residents. According to Report we can expect 113% of growth in mobile market, which means the total turnover is going to reach €250 million by the end of this year. By the end of the next one it will be almost 3 times bigger (€650 mln).
1 of 3 online shops have their website adapted for mobile devices. Total amount of m-payments transactions is about €250 per day.


Polish global Internet players:

Allegro – manages 75 sites in 17 countries on 3 continents. Brands:, Fashion Days, Ceneo, Citeam, PayU,

MCI – VC that invest in companies at an early stage of growth and expansion in the sectors of new technologies in Central Eastern Europe, as well as Germany, Austria (DACH), Turkey and countries of the former Soviet Union (CIS). Portfolio includes:,, Invia,,, ABC Data. SA

In Post – system of locker boxes used for collecting and sending parcels available near your flat 365/24/7. In Post became the two-times winner of the World Mail Awards.

Files Tube – searches for multimedia files, video files catalogues, online games, mobile applications and free programmes. In just the first couple of months of its operation, the website became the sixth in the USA in terms of new users. Today, after 7 years since the launch is visited by more than 109 mln unique users around the world monthly – one of the foremost digital videogames distribution platforms in the world. Implements an ultramodern business model, focusing chiefly on American and Western European markets. The catalogue comprises several hundred classic games from a variety of international publishers.

A few of our startups are a must-watch:

IVONA Software – develops award-winning  txt-to-speech technology for use in the voice user interfaces on mobile devices, computers, communication systems and services. Acquired by Amazon.

UX Pin – Smart UX design tools for designers.

Sales Manago – Marketing&Sales automation tool.

Estimote Beacons – broadcast tiny radio signals. These signals can be picked up by consumers’ smartphones , at which point the compatible app triggers different actions.

Brand24 – Social media monitoring tool useful for brands and e-commerce.

Quartic On – acknowledged leader on the European  e-commerce market offering comprehensive solutions in the scope of intelligent systems of customization.

FOKUS – open data platform for next-generation real-time analytics, integrating all relevant data from relevant system.

Right Hello – High Value Prospecting and Lead Generation tool for B2B.

Tools that we use:

  • Comparison Engines –,,,, google shopping
  • Payments – PayU,, PayPal, PayByNet, PayLane
  • Affiliates – TradeDoubler, Novem, Afilo, Netsales, Zanox, AdLeader, System3,,, Salesmedia,
  • eCommerce platforms – Magento, Prestashop, Local SaaS Platforms
  • RTB – Sociomantic Labs, AdPilot, Criteo, IgnitiomPme, Quartic

Industry leaders by category:

Marketplace –,
DIY/ Garden –,
Fashion –,
Food –,,,,,
Books and music –,
RTV/AGD –,,,,
IT/Electronics –
Baby and toys –
Hobbies –,
Sport –,,
Health –,
Games –,
Photo –
Automotive –
Lingerie –
Travel –,
Home – home& ,

Some of the big guys are already here:
Amazon, Intersport, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Tesco, Zalando, Tchibo, Westwing, eBay, Bonprix, Limango, Praktiker.

This year Amazon global e-commerce giant decided to build logistics centers in Poland.

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