Last week Pimcore Inspire took place in the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria.

The HQ of Pimcore is located in an old Bell Factory and looks just amazing! Divante’s Team was there as part of this great experience!

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The whole event started the day before with a networking party. This was a great opportunity to meet the Pimcore Community and have a chat. We met many e-friends face to face for the first time so this was a really enjoyable experience!

Pimcore Ecosystem

During the day-and-a-half long event, we learnt about some of the huge changes happening in the Pimcore Community and about the product itself.

The first day started with a Keynote by Dietmar Rietsch, Pimcore CEO. This guy is leading the community with passion and energy and… 100% commitment :)

During the Keynote we learned about the state of the Pimcore Ecosystem. Pimcore is quite popular across 56 countries and with 20 supported languages. There are more than 82k installations of Pimcore active right now. Just 1.8% of them had already been running before the official launch of Pimcore5. Quite a fast adoption of the new version! The Pimcore Ecosystem is built on 86 Partners.

Pimcore new strategy and rebranding

Pimcore will be a complex Digital Transformation Platform. This will help companies with consolidation, automation, transformation and integration of all data and all channels. The two main components are the Data Manager and Experience Manager.

The main modules are PIM, DAM, CMS, eCommerce.

Together, this allows B2B and B2C companies to digitalize their businesses, using one comprehensive platform. This is a game changer that can really make a difference on the market.

Part of the new changes in strategy is Branding. The new logo is better and more powerful – We quite like it :)

The new tagline is “Own the Digital World” which means that you have one comprehensive platform for all digital channels.

There is also a piece of storytelling about the new strategy; This is quite a funny movie about becoming a “Pimconaut”. During the second day of the event some people even declared that they would like to become a “Drinkonaut” :) So I guess there is a viral component to this “pimconaut” idea :)

For sure, many partners like the cartoonish style of branding and they said that you must stand out from the crowd of old-school enterprise software.

Better be a Pimconaut :)


Pimcore5 was released officially. This is what they name the “future proof” experience platform.

It’s built on modern libraries. The technology stack includes: Symfony, Doctrine, Swiftmailer, Guzzle and Twig Engine. The platform will benefit greatly from the huge Symfony community (Symfony Bundles, Composer Packages).

The main change for users right now is the integrated eCommerce Framework. Until this moment this was accessible for Partners only. Now the eCommerce Framework is accessible for everybody as part of the Open Source license.

eCommerce Framework

The eCommerce Framework is now fully integrated with Pimcore5. This is a framework for eCommerce, not an out-of-the-box solution. So the philosophy is to support developers, not end users. They keep a strict separation between backend functionality and frontend presentation. The architecture is fully component-base and very flexible.

When we compare the eCommerce Framework to Magento, we see that the main advantage is flexibility, and the main weakness is the lack of many popular plugins. So if you’d like to build something not so typical, the eCommerce Framework is a great choice. If you just need a simple e-shop, you will probably find an easier way.

The plan for the future is to develop analytics & reporting, build a product recommendations engine and integrate more payment providers.

I think that the eCommerce Framework could also benefit from a Pimcore Marketplace. This is another project that the Pimcore Team is planning.

Partner network

Pimcore is building a Partner Network across the Globe. What they offer with Pimcore is a full solution for any Interactive Agency. Thanks to Pimcore, agencies can offer a complex solution and develop their technical skills more easily even than before.

The main advantages of Pimcore for agencies:

  • Short Time to Market – it is easier to win a contract when you offer shorter time of implementation.
  • HR – it is easier to find and train PHP developers than Java or .Net developers and Pimcore is built on PHP which is not so typical for Enterprise level Customer Experience Platforms.
  • Flexibility – you can build not only a CMS, but any kind of web-app using the Pimcore platform.

I guess that in 2018 Pimcore will expand its Partners Network and find plenty of new partners across the Globe. We see a growing interest in Pimcore in Asia and USA.

Pimcore Roadmap

The Pimcore team also released an official roadmap, which is looking quite serious.

Before the end of the year, they plan to integrate with Piwik for full analytics support. They will also develop and improve Customer Data Management and Personalization.

Strategy for 2018

The general plan for Pimcore for the next year assumes close cooperation with Gartner and Forrester to position the platform as a leading digital solution. What Pimcore needs is to be on the map of C-Level Decision Makers, and to do so, you must be present in industry reports.

They will also develop and rollout a cloud-based PAAS business and an Enterprise License with SLA. These two things can help spread Pimcore through the biggest accounts.

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Pimcore 6

At the end of 2018, we will see Pimcore 6. Within, you will find totally integrated analytics, rich personalization tools, reporting and PAAS support.

Case Studies

The Case Study of the Year Award goes to Basilicom for the implementation of Information System (kiosks) for Deutsche Bahn. These guys really showed another interesting usage of Pimcore and this could be an inspiration for many new clients.

Interesting case studies were presented by YouWe (digital asset management) and other agencies too.

And we also added our own small contribution here, featuring our own new website running on Pimcore5 on the same day as the official premiere of the platform.

.. and one more thing

The whole event was a huge success – I heard this many times during and after the event. The Pimcore Team connected a technical conference with business case studies, and the great atmosphere of a hack-fest. The U for Unconference is real! People talked a lot, exchanged ideas, faced down challenges and had a ball doing so.

Dietmar is making all Pimcore Inspire participants happy :)

Thank you Pimcore Team – especially: Dietmar Rietsch, Christian Kemptner, Christian Fasching, Bernhard Rusch. Guys Thanks!

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