I follow few groups on LinkedIn where people discuss advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Many times I see something like this:

 “Outsourcing doesn’t make sense” 

“You don’t have any control” 

“Everywhere some poor programmers from East Europe or India are spamming about their “super service” on LinkedIn”

Please STOP. 

The funny thing is, that in 80% of cases these comments are really emotional, not rational. They are results of laziness and choosing price over quality. Come on, don’t expect that you can have a senior IT developer for 5$ per hour. Although outsourcing may be one of the best things that can happen to your business. You just need to follow some rules. Below you can find out, how to recognise good outsourcing company in the e-commerce industry.

1. It’s all about trust  – check them out!

We trust people who are similar to us. That’s why we prefer to work with companies  from our countries or people we know from events, via recommendations etc. But truth be told, we make assumptions quite often in life and many times we just have a feeling, that that specific person/company might work well for us. In business you shouldn’t make  guesses, you should rather require reliable and high-quality service.

If you are not sure about some company (even if it has great portfolio, reputation and case studies), ask them for a call or personal meeting.  First impression helps a lot.

2. “We are good” matters

Check carefully a list of customers and the portfolio. Ask for recommendations, look closer – see what are people writing about CEO on LinkedIn. Everything depends on your research. Make sure the company’s done something similar before (business case) and they can show you results of their work. If the company has big international clients with good testimonials, you can trust them.

3. It’s all about YOU, not them

You have your business goals. Let’s say you want to implement an e-store, but you have no idea which platform you should use. I would suggest to call some of outsourcing companies and ask for advice. Let them present all advantages and disadvantages. Ask for similar cases, make sure they can  meet all requirements. Outsourcing company is not you enemy. They make money on reliability and satisfied customers, so give them a chance to prove how good they are. Clear goals can only help you achieve success. Don’t forget about defining the budget, you have for implementation.

4. Give them a chance – build your own business laboratory

If you are not sure whether you should try outsourcing or not, just ask them for a pilot. Many companies can do something small and measurable for you. You will see results and then decide what to do next. Experiments are the best form of finding partners or outsourcing companies. Step by step you build trust and prove that the company delivers promised results.

5. Make sure, they care

Caring is the best currency they can offer. If they care about you, your goals and business, they can be critical of  you just to show you a proper way of solving the problem. They will be advisors and consultants and they will exceed targets, because they want to surprise you. If they care once, there is a high chance that they will help you next time.

Last, but not least – benefits from outsourcing. 

Choosing the right provider gives you the power to focus on most important activities in your company. Let someone else care about small problems or challenges – they are experts. You can save a lot of time and money at the end of the day. You might be surprised how well outsourcing companies from Central Europe work, if they care about your success.

If you want to try e-commerce outsourcing, please contact us. We deliver good experience. Give us a try!

Damian Winkowski

Work less, but smart. Achieve results and ROI. eCommerce Geek (Magento Experts), right now at Divante eCommerce Software House

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