Is an omnichannel strategy what your company needs to turn the tides and becomes successful? Have you been debating whether or not to implement such strategy? How do you successfully implement an omnichannel strategy?

If these questions keep you up at night then you came to the right place. Below you will find part of our report on the Omnichannel Success Factors. Here at Divante we specialize in eCommerce and Omnichannel. We’ve conducted extensive research combined with experience of our project managers to provide a top quality report that will help companies understand what makes an Omnichannel strategy successful.

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The report aims at answering the question: What makes some companies successful in implementing the omnichannel strategy?

Some of our findings to this questions were:

  • As many as 70% of the successful omnichannel projects is preceded by the creation of a formal strategy. It doesn’t matter whether the strategy was developed by internal or external forces. What is important is that the Board identifies with it and approves of it.
  • Only 32% of retailers offer basic functions of Click&Collect and checking product availability. 
  • Cooperation between an IT Company and a retailer allows for recruiting talented developers and providing them with rewarding career paths.

You can find a preview of the report below. If you’re interested all our findings about Omnichannel Success Factors, Contact Us at 

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