While the hype for omnichannel integration is starting to boom, we step forth with our expertise to guide all those who are not sure where to start with the process.

Utilization of omnichannel strategies requires the implementation of new processes and interference in the current ones. Cross-functional cooperation must be encourage and developed in order for the implementation process to run smoothly.

We’ve been collecting data from a variety of successful IT implementations – not just our own. On this basis we have developed an open IT architecture that allows building successful omnichannel solutions.

As you will see in the infographic we prefer Open Source software, why? Well, we believe it provides greater flexibility and business security while also intensifying the work by assigning the project to multiple companies.

Want more advice about omnichannel implementations, contact our sales team at sales@divante.com

Tomasz Karwatka

Supervisory Board Member at Divante. Leading industry voice who believes eCommerce can improve our world. Co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue. CEO at Divante eCommerce Technology Company | LinkedIn | Twitter

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