Meet Magento Poland finished a few days ago but we are still feeling its positive vibe. Over 30 inspiring talks, 5 workshops and, most importantly, a vibrant community presented trends in eCommerce for the years to follow.

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Here’s what’s worth mentioning:

The conference gathered over 600 eCommerce specialists who discussed challenges in Magento platforms, the future of the Magento community and the development of innovative solutions. One of the most noticeable trends was progressive web apps. Clearly, PWAs are a game changer, especially with open-source solutions and eCommerce investments in this technology.

On the first day, companies providing PWA solutions for eCommerce took part in the PWA battle, during which the participants, including our CTO, Piotr Karwatka, discussed how to handle offline orders.

The importance of PWAs was supported by the presence of Sébastien Chopin, creator of the Nuxt.js, an extremely popular framework for Vue.js. In practice, any developer using Vue.js. also uses Nuxt.js for building progressive web apps. On the second day of the conference, Sébastien led a workshop on using Nuxt.js as an easy-to-use foundation for PWAs.

As Magento steps into the world of modern JavaScript, many workshops and frontend speeches were connected to the Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks. This move has been initiated by projects like Vue Storefront and PWA studio.

The conference was organized in Alvernia Planet. This amazing film studio, right next to Cracow, made the conference atmosphere great and provided great material for many jokes. In this cosmic surrounding, Divante, along with partner Pimcore, presented Vue Storefront, a PWA frontend for Magento stores and Pimcore for PIM, DAM, and CMS in eCommerce.


See you next year!

Aleksandra Kwiecień

Marketing and content manager. Passionate about new technologies that make our everyday life easier, and people who create them. Leader of the eCommerce Trends 2020 report, editor of Divante blog (2018-2020), and reports for eCommerce experts, incl. The New Architecture and PWA Book | LinkedIn

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