This year we will be traveling a lot! There will be many possibilities to meet us in person.

February 18 Software Circus Meetup Amsterdam
February 26 eComerce Summit Brussel
March 2 eCommerce Trends Warsaw
March 3 eCommerce Universe
Kongres eHandlu
March 8 Tech Tuesday Amsterdam
March 9 Ladies that UX Amsterdam
March 14 Meet Magento Sweden Stockholm
March 17-18 E-shop Expo Brussel
March 22 UX Antwerp Antwerp
April 15-17 Startup Weekend Amsterdam Amsteram
April 27 eCommerce Expo Berlin Berlin
May 12-13 Meet Magento Netherlands Utrecht
May 26-27 The Next Web Conference Amsterdam
June 20-21 Magento Live UK London

Please feel free to invite us to a coffee when we will visit your city!

Just drop us an email at

Tom Karwatka

eCommerce expert focusing on UX and tech innovations. An avid speaker and a writer sharing knowledge on eCommerce trends, mobile-first solutions and modern approaches to eCommerce. CEO at Divante eCommerce Software House | LinkedIn | Twitter

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