This year we will be traveling a lot! There will be many possibilities to meet us in person.

February 18 Software Circus Meetup Amsterdam
February 26 eComerce Summit Brussel
March 2 eCommerce Trends Warsaw
March 3 eCommerce Universe
Kongres eHandlu
March 8 Tech Tuesday Amsterdam
March 9 Ladies that UX Amsterdam
March 14 Meet Magento Sweden Stockholm
March 17-18 E-shop Expo Brussel
March 22 UX Antwerp Antwerp
April 15-17 Startup Weekend Amsterdam Amsteram
April 27 eCommerce Expo Berlin Berlin
May 12-13 Meet Magento Netherlands Utrecht
May 26-27 The Next Web Conference Amsterdam
June 20-21 Magento Live UK London

Please feel free to invite us to a coffee when we will visit your city!

Just drop us an email at

Tomasz Karwatka

Supervisory Board Member at Divante. Leading industry voice who believes eCommerce can improve our world. Co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue. CEO at Divante eCommerce Technology Company | LinkedIn | Twitter

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