Interview with Grzegorz Błażewicz, CEO of SALESmanago

1. What needs to be done to effectively use marketing automation ?

You have to start. At the beginning move your e – mail marketing to Marketing Automation and create simple rules notifying the sales department about potential customers. After a while, you can see the reaction of users on variety of activities. For example you give an e-book for free and watch, how many users downloaded the file plus how many of them asked for your service or more details.

Based on first observations, we build the rest of automation. The main task here is to provide the client with information and offers which meet his expectations. System needs to guess, what’s in customer’s mind and how to fill the gap.

2. Which sectors have the greatest potential for ROI in marketing automation?

The biggest ROI can be achieved in e-commerce. Companies can send dedicated and tailored offers for every unique user. In SALESmanago we notice ROI on level 300 % in this sector.  You can attract the customer at the right time, with the the right content and change him to buyer quite quickly. In other sectors the ROI rate is lower, but it is hard to find the sector, where marketing automation doesn’t bring revenue. Of course it requires at least basic knowledge and a little bit of practice. It can be easily integrated with e-commerce platforms like Magento. You just need to use specific plugin. If you want to create an e-commerce, you should definitely talk to an agency and ask, whether they have marketing automation in the offer, or not.

3. What are the aspirations of SALESmanago? Where do you go?

SALESmanago was founded as a dynamic Polish company. Within two years we have raised to more than 1000 customers in Poland and Europe. Recently we won Aulery 2014 – prestige contest for most innovative start-ups in Poland. We want to go further in this direction and open to other European and International markets.  In the meantime we will be developing our system, which is already one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

4. How do you see the future of marketing automation in e -commerce? How does it look in B2B industry?

First challenge in the e-Commerce is to apply right content to the specific user. Right now we can deliver personalised offers via e-mail, sms , website, advertising networks RTB or indicate a particular user to call center, which can talk to him about a specific product. Key trend for the future of B2B is ROPO effect. Using marketing automation you can build relationship with potential buyers. In B2B marketing automation is very useful for Lead Nurturing, which allows you to prepare the client before sending to CRM. The second challenge is to  integrate Marketing Automation and CRM . As a result, sales people have access to relevant information and can focus on the customers, who actually want to make a purchase and are ready to buy.

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