The Magento Imagine 2018 is already behind us. This week in Las Vegas brought us positive emotions among the biggest innovators in eCommerce. We joined the General Session in Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas to check most significant changes in Magento community.

Let’s go through them with Tom Karwatka, Divante CEO, @tomik99 

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The Magento 2018

The General Session of Magento Imagine 2018 took place on Monday afternoon in Encore Theatre in Wynn Las Vegas. The presentations started with Phillip Jackson great speech.

“Imagine is the best of us: Share your stories, set time aside to learn & experience, don’t be in a hurry” – Phillip Jackson @philwinkle, eCommerce Evangelist, Something Digital

Imagine 2018 Day1 Fillip presentation

The Magento update

Mark Lavelle, the Magento CEO, presented some updates on numbers around Magento. Among the most important were:

  • getting 50 new Magento Solution Partners
  • reaching over 800 Magento Partners
  • enlarging Magento team to 800 employees
  • the launch of Magento 2 Certifications
  • achieving the title of Top contributed PHP platform
  • reaching 315 000 + active members on Magento Forums
  • the launch of B2B Magento 2.2.
  • the announcement of Magento Sales Channel
  • reaching over 3000 extensions

Magento Clients reached $124 billion revenue in 2017, and it estimates to reach $224 billion in 2020.

The Magento vision & mission

The speech was followed by the presentation of the Magento vision and mission. The Magento envisions a world of commerce without limits. A world where technology is open to everyone, available everywhere, and powered by human ingenuity. The Magento mission is to inspire collaborations, contribution, and community which drives innovation and growth at unprecedented scale and speed to create meaningful customer experiences and empower brands to realize their potential.  

Imagine 2018 Day 1 Magento vision mission 2
Imagine 2018 Day 1 Magento lead the charge

Transformation of the Music Business

The Universal Music Group joined Magento Imagine with Case Study about digital transformation in the music industry. Within this case study Peter Sinclair shared 3 important lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Slow down to speed up
  • Lesson #2: Find your true north
  • Lesson #3: Do the job today while setting up for tomorrow

Money = Experiences

Bill Scott, VP of PayPal Consumer & Venmo Engineering shared ideas on improving customers experiences in transactions solutions. To reach this goal PayPal used WeChat and AliPay.

“Don’t just think about customer transactions or payments. Think about stories and bring your experiences into the story” Bill Scott, @PayPal VP

Evolving business models

The General Session finished with the great presentation from Forrester about future of retail. Remember: “You don’t need to be a tech Titan to evolve your business model”.

Discuss with Divante Team

Feel free to discuss changes in Magento community with the Divante Team. Drop us an email or via @DivanteLTD

If you have missed our free publication about Progressive Web Apps, you can read it online: – Top 30 Progressive Web Apps.

The Divante Team at Magento Imagine 2018

Loved testing the @DivanteLTD tech today! Really cool OS product that you should all check out.

— Shero (@SheroCommerce) April 23, 2018

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